A Weekend Getaway at Lake Texoma

We're not out of Oklahoma yet. We needed to make a stop to the lake to party first.

A Weekend Getaway at Lake Texoma

Last Friday we had a weekend getaway at Lake Texoma with my sister Maria and her husband Joe. It was the first time since we sold our house that we were able to chill and relax. It was not a disappointing trip!

For our readers who don't know, Lake Texoma sits on the Oklahoma and Texas border. It divides the two states and includes 139 miles of shoreline. It's one of the largest reservoirs in the United States and was completed by the US Army Corp of Engineers in 1944. The lake attracts about six million visitors per year.

Weekend Getaway Highlights

Because the lake is so big, we decided to focus on the Kingston area which offers a variety of marinas, bars, and restaurants. There's plenty of fun things to do even if you don't like fishing or hanging out on the lake.

We found a trailer house in Enos to drop our gear and have some beers. The vibe was chill and it was a quiet place. The front porch deck was a good place to get our drink on while listening to the roosters crow. Plus we were only a few minutes drive to the Enos Mall (which is really a restaurant) and a sandy beach at the waters edge.

Good so far!

Ollies Juke Joint and Cafe

If you want awesome food that's reasonably priced, you need to go to Ollies Juke Joint at the intersection of Enos Road and Kaney Road. But don't blink or you might miss it.

This place might look like an old junk store but it's anything but that. You'll love the vibe of the place besides the food and drinks. We sat in the porch area and listened to live entertainment while enjoying our dinner. It's the perfect place to stop at for your weekend getaway at Lake Texoma to get your happy on.

Soldier Creek

One of the best memories is discovering Blake Shelton's lake house while driving around the Soldier Creek area. Maria is a big fan of Blake and "somehow" we ended up at his mailbox to take pictures. I'm convinced my sister is a stalker now, especially after talking her down from climbing his gated fence. Just kidding!

We took the time to do some recon for future lake houses and the Soldier Creek and Caney Creek area was fantastic. There are plenty of beautiful homes with large garages for boats to parties. If you want to see how the good people live, drive through this area ... and tell Blake we said hello.

Gringos Mexican Restaurant

If you want to fill your belly with some delicious Mexican food, you should check out Gringos Mexican Restaurant located in Kingston. Donetta and I both got a Taco Salad Fajita (L12) and they rocked. Not only were they delicious, they filled it chicken and steak unlike so many other places.

The Sneaky Tiki Brewery and Restaurant

We were really stoked when we heard about the Sneaky Tiki, just over the bridge in Meade, Oklahoma. I love anything that includes the Hawaiian vibe, tikis, and craft beer -- plus there were good ratings online.

The atmosphere and place itself was kick ass. The piña coladas and margaritas were excellent, as well as the live entertainment. The food was good but unfortunately the service was horrible. I ordered a house beer and waited over 20 minutes only to discover (by hunting down another server) that they were out. We got lots of excuses and no sincere apologies so that sucked. Oh well.

Time with Family

As great as adult beverages and food are to enjoy, our weekend getaway at Lake Texoma was special because we got to spend time with Maria and Joe making new memories.

Like most people, I didn't have many family vacations growing up. We went to Minnesota to visit family a few times and there was never any stopping to see the world. Peeing in a milk jug driving down a bumpy highway sounds fun but it's really not. Sometimes I think life is a lot like that; driving down the road as fast as we can trying not to piss all over ourselves while hoping to enjoy the ride.

Slow down and enjoy the ride.

I believe our lake trip was special because we all took time to slow down, have deep and meaningful conversations, and stopped to smell the roses ... or stalk Blake Shelton. LOL! We even discussed the future idea of moving to the lake and starting a couple of businesses because it was such an awesome experience.

Sometimes when we make the effort to slow down and enjoy life we discover a priceless reward waiting for us. That was our trip to Lake Texoma and we're thankful for the opportunity.

Until next time, keep your toes in the sand and a cold beer in your hand.