Ballast Point Brewery Miramar Review

TO BEER OR NOT TO BEER? There is no question. Especially when it comes to Ballast Point in San Diego.

Ballast Point Brewery Miramar Review

It's no secret that I love craft beer, and wherever I travel, I'm always on the hunt for an awesome local brewery to visit. Luckily for me, San Diego has no shortage of delicious beer to consume. So it brought me great joy to recently learn Ballast Point Miramar is only 1.8 miles from my hotel.

Ballast Point Beer is My Absolute Favorite

It's like liquid manna from heaven.

I got hooked on the brand when it arrived in Oklahoma years ago. Their Grapefruit Sculpin IPA and Habanero Sculpin IPA (which is back in production) absolutely delight my tastebuds.

Now I'm no beer snob or aficionado. You won't hear me discussing the hint of notes paired with ingredients. I simply like what I like. Beer tastes great or it tastes bad. And Ballast Point has never disappointed me.

Visiting the Miramar location was epic.

Ballast Point Miramar, nestled in an unassuming industrial area of San Diego, is a beautiful place with indoor and outdoor seating. The entire vibe of the place is chill and they play great music. The large copper kettles from Germany are a sight you must see and there's also cool story behind them. Sorry, you have to go there to find out. :)

While the indoor seating area is awesome with a very clean and modern look, we opted for the outdoor area. The weather is amazing, along with the lighting in the evening paired with the fire pit and other touches make this the place to be! We've visited twice and it's been perfect.

It's the people too.

The Ballast Point staff has been great. They run a tight ship and keep it clean, especially for people concerned about Covid 19. But one of the best parts of our experience has been meeting Max Wasker.

Max is a supervisor at Ballast Point Miramar and we've had some kick ass conversations. He's full of life and positive vibes and works his ass off to ensure patrons are well taken care of. I've learned a lot about San Diego, his family, surfing naked, and beer from our discussions. If the brewery didn't have great beer, Max would still make the visit awesome.

Of course there's the beer.

The first night of our visit I was introduced to Aloha Sculpin, a refreshing IPA at 7.0% with bright and refreshing notes of mango, pineapple, and guava. OK, I borrowed this from their website since I don't discuss notes. The taste was tropical and light and easy to drink with my pizza and Buffalo Cauliflower Bites ... which also rock.

I also enjoyed the High West Barrel Aged Victory at Sea, an Imperial Porter aged with bourbon & rye whiskey oak casks. At 12% ABV, you won't need many to feel a buzz. Of course it's a heavier craft beer and you'll want to savor is slowly.

The second visit was when the real magic happened.

I FREAKING LOVE their Habanero Sculpin IPA. No, scratch that ... I'm obsessed with it!! It disappeared from Oklahoma shelves a while back and I've been going insane trying to find it. Unit now.

For various reasons, Ballast Point had to stop making and selling this elixir of the gods. But the other night it was back on the menu and was thrilled to have two pints with my killer nachos. They were a perfect pairing. Before we leave San Diego you can be assured I'll load up on some growlers.

There were other incredible beers I sampled but unfortunately I got a damn good buzz on and don't remember what they were. I know one included chilis. LOL!

Visit Ballast Point Miramar if you get the chance.

San Diego is heaven because of the beaches and climate, but the beer elevates the spirits. Ballast Point Miramar has been one of the biggest highlights of my trip so far. I've bought some beer, acquired some swag, and made a new friend in the process. Plus created memories for a lifetime.

If you're ever in this area please go check them out. And be sure to say howdy to Max. He'll make you smile.