Five Reasons I Love Flagstaff

Flagstaff offers so many opportunities to blaze new trails of adventures. And it's a great place for couples to reconnect and have fun.

Five Reasons I Love Flagstaff

Several weeks ago we finally got to return to Flagstaff, Arizona. We spent a couple of nights there as we made our way back to Oklahoma for the holidays in November of last year. The vibe and feeling of this city is nothing short of awesome.

Maybe it's my "secret love affair" with Arizona having lived in Tempe for a short time over 25 years ago, but I just feel great being in the Grand Canyon State. And that says a lot!

There are plenty of reasons to love Flagstaff, or "Flag" as the locals call it. Yet I will try to break it down to a simple list, other than the awesome memories made together over Donetta's birthday week.

Hanging out at Dark Sky Brewing for Donetta's birthday!

Five Reasons I Love Flagstaff, Arizona

The Great Outdoors

Just like Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs of Colorado, Flagstaff has some of the most beautiful landscape in the entire country. The mountains, wooded pines, and incredible wildlife of this city are fantastic. You will feel at peace by being outdoors and be mesmerized by the scenery.

The Hiking Trails

Because Donetta and I have fallen in love with hiking, Flagstaff offers so many opportunities to blaze new trails of adventures. With over 132 listed trails on the All Trails App, there's no shortage of possibilities. Whether you're looking for simple walk or all day excursion, this place has it.

The National Parks and Monuments

If you enjoy spending time in national parks, then you will be delighted to see what's available around Flagstaff. Walnut Canyon National Monument, Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument, and Wuptaki National Monuments are a must see! It's incredible to learn about and see the amazing ingenuity of the Native American tribes who lived there.

The Size and Feel of the City

I always thought this city was enormous but it really isn't. At least from what we experienced. Unlike Oklahoma City where it can take 45 minutes to get across town, the drive around Flagstaff can take minutes. It also has a small town feel but offers plenty of shopping, restaurants, breweries, and other local attractions.

The People

Aside from the vagrant jackass at Walmart who insulted my hair (yes, it's true) everyone I met was pretty chill and nice. People on the trails and in the restaurants were very friendly. The city seems like a diverse culture which I appreciate and it feels as though there's a sincere appreciation for the great outdoors.

Bonus! The Breweries

Most of you know my weakness for local craft beer. Well I was thankful that Donetta let us stop at The Grand Canyon Brewery and Distillery so I could taste some good stuff while "flirting" with the bartenders. LOL!

I tried their Trail Hike IPA, Horsehoe Bend Pale Ale, and Uncle Bear's Holiday Hound from another brewery. All were delicious. The fried pickles and BBQ chicken wings added to the delight of tastiness. And the brewery itself was super inviting and chill. A perfect evening it was.

We also visited Dark Sky Brewing on her birthday to sample their eclectic beers and munch on some incredible tasting pizza. Their Wide Awake was out of this world ... a blonde stout combined with Guatemalan coffee. WOW!

DSB also has a really cool and laid back atmosphere. Donetta even sampled a couple of beers which shocked me.

We will go back to Flagstaff for sure.

I mentioned to Donetta that "Flag" was a place I could eventually settle down and she agreed. There is so much to do and explore but we only scratched the surface. There are many reasons to fall in love with Flagstaff and I hope others will get to experience this great city in 2021 and beyond.