Freedom from Home Ownership.

After 15 years in our house in Yukon, Oklahoma, it's finally time to say goodbye and good riddance. Let the party get started.

Freedom from Home Ownership.

It's been a long and exhausting few days but we have finally experienced freedom from home ownership. Donetta and I are officially "homeless" and ready to travel the world to pursue our dreams.

I thought saying goodbye to our home would be difficult, but after 48 hours of living through moving hell, the only tears I shed were from the pain and suffering of loading trucks with shit I no longer cared about or wanted. Perspective is everything!

What I won't miss about home ownership.

The annoying, yapping dogs next door whom I've prayed would be taken by hungry hawks; the sleepless nights from plotting the merciless killing of gophers destroying the yard; the lazy neighbors for whatever reason simply can't pull up their empty trashcans or who refuse to mow their lawns; the stress of home repairs and maintenance chipping away at my beer money.

These are just some of the reasons home ownership was exhausting and aspects of life I won't ever miss. But more than that, it's kept us from experiencing a robust and exciting life outside of Yukon, Oklahoma.

Closing on the house and signing off for the sale was such an AWESOME feeling!

Donetta and James stand in front of the house for sale sign.

It wasn't all bad on Hyacinth Hollow Drive.

While I celebrate the freedom from home ownership, our previous "home life" wasn't horrible either.

Donetta and I had many laughs and shed many tears in that house.

We raised our kids there for 12 years and created so many awesome memories together. It's where Bandit joined our family and would spend the final days of his life. We survived tornadoes and earthquakes in that home. We were blessed to live on Hyacinth Hollow Drive.

They say home is where the heart is but our hearts haven't been there for a while. We've wanted to leave for years and now we're finally able to close that chapter of our lives.

As I sit in my room at Staybridge Suites in Oklahoma City, it feels good knowing a new journey awaits.

Oklahoma will always be home.

Even though we no longer have a permanent place of residence, Oklahoma will always be considered home. Freedom from home ownership doesn't mean we have lost our roots.

While Oklahoma doesn't have the ocean or mountains or progressive culture we long for, it does have our kids, family, and friends we truly care about. There's a lot we love about this state and we'll return every few months for a visit. And with this Covid 19 crap, it's possible we'll be required to have extended stays. SMH!

So what's next for us?

Many of our friends and family have asked us where we're going first or what our immediate plans are. The truth is we don't really know right now.

Our priority for the next several days is to recover from the move and have adult beverages by the pool.

We also have to get back to work because even though we made some money on our house, we definitely aren't independently wealthy. Finally, we have to wrap up loose ends in OKC and reduce two car loads of stuff into one before we can hit the open road.

The goal is to leave on August 3rd, 2020 and go to Chattanooga, Tennessee for a new business opportunity or head north towards the Dakotas, Montana and Wyoming for the first leg of our trip. Again we're at the mercy of Covid 19 and the ever changing rules of each state so who knows what's in store for us!!

Stay tuned for more updates.

Now that we've finally experienced freedom of home ownership and are living the dream in real time, you can expect more fun updates (or possibly horror stories) from the road. Our goal is to chronicle the entire experience so others who desire to travel full-time can learn from our adventures.

Either way we will do our best to keep you entertained!