Hotel Etiquette for Hotel Guests and Travelers

It doesn't take much effort to be a good person and treat others with respect. Especially when staying at hotels.

Hotel Etiquette for Hotel Guests and Travelers

After a year of living in hotels, we have learned a lot and firmly believe every person should understand proper hotel etiquette. You would think humans would have a basic understanding of how to act and be a great hotel guest. Apparently this is not so!

What we've encountered along the way is sad and appalling.

People seem to have lost all sense of common decency and have no clue how to treat others with respect. I've told many hotel managers and staff that I could never do what they do ... I'd simply be fired and arrested for jumping over the counter and throat punching folks.

It might sound a bit harsh or aggressive, yes. But some people deserve a serious bitch slap for their behavior. Just keeping it real.

So I thought a cheeky post on hotel etiquette is due. Perhaps you'll sing praises for my heroic words of wisdom or maybe you'll want to junk punch me because you're one of "those" people. Either way let's do this!

Do not disturb.
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How to Be A Great Hotel Guest

Most of my advice is common sense and based on treating others as you want to be treated. It sounds simple yet it's so amazing how these things are forgotten. Of course I do give grace because sometimes you just don't think about how it affects others. Call it an honest mistake but that's why this post is important.

Treat Staff Better

Working in the hospitality business is a very tough and demanding job. Many of the staff I've visited with work 12 hour shifts for very little pay. They deal with non-stop complaints and horrible situations at times, all while trying to be helpful to guests. And right now most staff are utility players ... doing check-ins, cleaning up vomit, fixing the internet, or doing maintenance.

Not every hotel staff member is a great person but MOST of them are and they're doing their best for you.

You have an opportunity to make their lives better by being kinder and more patient. Thank them for their efforts or let them know they are doing a good job. Another idea is giving them a bottle of wine, a gift card, or even a tip if they've been awesome. I've done them all and staff members truly appreciate it.

Love Your Neighbors

It can be easy to forget that we're not the only hotel guests on the property or sometimes never forget they are there! People from all walks of life stay for a variety of reasons. Some want to party or get away from life, others are travelers passing through or living in hotels like us. Regardless it is very important to take into consideration the people around us.

Here are some helpful tips to show the love:

  • Don't let your room door slam. Hotel guests sleep at different hours and the constant barrage of slamming doors is horrible.
  • Stop the party and boisterous noise by 10 pm. Many hotels implement quiet hours but it's not always adhered to. Make everyone's life easier and save security a trip to your room.
  • Control your children. We get that kids are excited little creatures who want to jump or play, but for the people around you it can be a hellish nightmare, especially when you're on the top floor!
  • Use inside voices. You would be shocked at the conversations we've heard. Hotel rooms don't usually have great sound proofing. The ones with doors between the rooms are the worst. Choose your words wisely.
  • Smoke your weed or cigarettes outside. While I hate tobacco and enjoy cannabis, no one really wants to smell your guilty pleasure. Take it outside to the smoking section or your vehicle please. Or buy some Scentsy to mask the smell.

These are the biggest issues we've found the past year and have come to loathe.

And by all means, if you want to get it on or have some kinky sex, we applaud you! Just remember to shove a pillow between the headboard and the wall if you prefer to be discreet. :D

Clean Up After Yourself and Your People

Just because you might live like a troll at home doesn't give you the freedom to do so in hotels.

You'd be amazed at how people will trash the breakfast or pool areas or destroy the rooms. Just a few weeks ago a housekeeper showed me photos and video of a room that irresponsible parents allowed their kids to stay in. There was cake, pizza, soap, and other crap mashed on literally everything!!! The room was almost destroyed and water everywhere because these hellions came straight from the pool without drying off. This is not OK.

While hotel guests don't have to be OCD like me (and yes, I make our bed everyday and clean our room) they can show some respect by not trashing the property. Please don't make housekeeping's job harder when you can clean up after yourself. It's the right thing to do.

Be Respectful of Others

The first three hotel etiquette tips above definitely fall within this scope but I want to take it a step further by encouraging you to consider the potential morals, values, ethnicity, or lifestyles of other people.

Let me say it more bluntly.

If you're a shitty human being who is racist, chauvinistic, misogynist, crude, homophobic, or anyone who likes to incite hate, among many other horrible qualities, then please do us all a favor and sleep in your car. Or just stay home.

I don't always have the cleanest language and have a twisted sense of humor, but I certainly can "read the room" and know when my behavior is not appropriate or welcome to the people around me. These kinds of things often happen at the pool or bar where people are getting hammered or from kids who don't have parents to keep them in check.

Just consider how others might feel, even if you don't care. Be a stand up Joe.

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Proper hotel etiquette makes the world a better place.

Maybe this statement seems dramatic or extreme but it really does. At least for us hotel dwellers. LOL! But seriously think about this.

When we do our best to make life better for the people around us, whether it's in a hotel, bar, church, grocery store, or park, it really matters. Treating others with respect or considering the feelings of others makes us better humans. When we are better humans we make our communities and the world around us a better place. See!!!

As you travel the world or just get out for vacation, I implore you to keep hotel etiquette in mind. Sometimes we'll botch it but I believe we're all capable of raising the bar for our hotel staff and guests. And if you need some good hotel recommendations we've got you covered.

Happy hoteling!