Hotel Review: Bent Creek Golf Village in Tennessee.

What was it like staying at this Diamond Resort and would we recommend it? You gotta read it to see it.

Hotel Review: Bent Creek Golf Village in Tennessee.

After Christmas we decided to head out east and spend some time in Tennessee. We stayed in Gatlinburg at Bent Creek Golf Village Resort. This might end up as one of my favorites for the year for one simple reason - our kids got to take some time off work and join us for a week. We've hoped they could join us somewhere for some fun ever since we took off to travel in July of 2020 so it was time. Haha!

We booked a room for us for two weeks as well as one for each of our kids for one week so that everyone had plenty of space for "me time" but then we had plenty of room to hang out together too.

Our Thoughts on Bent Creek Golf Village

I prefer to break our hotel reviews down into specific categories and give a rating for each so you can really get an idea of what to expect if you choose to visit. So here's how I scored Bent Creek in Tennessee.

The Location: 10/10

This score could vary depending on who's offering their opinion and what they're looking for when they visit this area. The Bent Creek Golf Village is about 20 minutes or so outside of Gatlinburg. If you're planning to do a lot of things in town there's a little bit of a drive and some may not like that.

If you love having a little space from all the activity of town, then you'll love it like we did. The area around the resort is just beautiful. It's in the mountains so there's amazing scenery all around and it's a lovely drive into town. It's very quiet and you don't really have any noise to bother you at this location.

The Room: 10/10

We couldn't find anything wrong with the rooms. James and I stayed in the one bedroom deluxe and not only was it spacious, it was very clean and inviting. They have a nice fireplace for the colder days and a large outside balcony that's screened in. The large bathroom and tub was great for soaking. The only "problem" we had was finding space for all our stuff.

And for those who need WiFi to work or binge watch streaming TV, we had no problems whatsoever.

The Price: 10/10

Because we are Diamond Resorts owners, we were able to use points for our stay and didn't pay anything out of pocket. That's the best deal of course. But if you just want to book a room it looks like it starts at about $109 a night. Considering that many hotels charge even more than that without all the amenities, I'd say it's a great deal! Of course the price increases during busier times of year as we were visiting in their slow season.

The Experience: 10/10

As part of our Bent Creek Golf Village Review, we gotta mention the overall experience. we had a fantastic time there!

As I mentioned, we were about 20 minutes from town along a scenic drive that winds through the mountains so it was nice and secluded but also close enough to go into town and have some fun. Which we did. I turned the big 5-0 while we were there and we had a birthday celebration day and had some fun in Gatlinburg.

Overall Score: A Whopping 10 out of 10!

I can't really think of anything that wasn't great while we were there. Well, one thing that wasn't great was that we got sick. LOL! But that wasn't about the resort so we won't hold it against them.

Because of that though we spent a LOT of time just hanging out in our suite and didn't go out a lot. We were so thankful that we had a lovely fireplace and a great view so that it wasn't so bad being stuck inside.

If you want a great place to stay that's close to Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge but isn't right in the middle of town and in all the madness, you'll love this place. We highly recommend it!