Hotel Review: Foxberry Inn, Provincetown, MA.

A unique and quirky experience we didn't plan for but truly enjoyed. This is a one of a kind boutique hotel.

Hotel Review: Foxberry Inn, Provincetown, MA.

Earlier this month we decided to take a road trip to Cape Cod and explore this coastal region in Massachusetts. We had no idea what to expect. But as we approached Provincetown, the northernmost tip in the region, we knew immediately a day trip would not be enough! The scenery was breathtaking and the vibe not easily explained.

Of course we didn't plan ahead and it was the beginning of Labor Day weekend. We fully expected every hotel and inn to be completely booked up. Somehow we got lucky and scored the very last room at Foxberry Inn. Even though it was well above our nightly budget, it was the beginning of an amazing night.

Foxberry Inn Review. A Boutique Hotel.

Rolling up to this boutique hotel in Provincetown was an interesting drive. We had never seen so many men in short shorts and flamingo like pastels in our lives. LOL! As we pulled up to Foxberry Inn, we finally understood why ... it's a predominantly LGBTQ+ community and a gay owned and friendly property.

We loved the feel and atmosphere of the entire place before we even set foot in the room. But more on that in a few.

The Location: 10/10

This quaint and inviting place is within a couple minutes walk of the beach and sand dunes. It's close to the Pilgrims First Landing Park, as well as local restaurants, bars, and shopping. And if you're feeling ambitious, you can walk the two miles to the Long Point Light Station via the Provincetown Causeway.

The area was peaceful without much vehicle traffic while we stayed. There are dozens of hikers, bikers, and joggers along the road but that wasn't any issue at all. We can't complain about the location at all!

The Property: 10/10

The Foxberry Inn property is absolutely beautiful and welcoming. From the cottage like set up to the relaxing outdoor area, you will not be disappointed.

It's a very colorful place incorporating hot pinks, tropical blues, lush greens, and other hues that are pleasing to the eyes. The community area has comfortable chairs, a fire pit, Zen garden, hammocks, corn hole and other fun activities. You are provided with a home-cooked breakfast which can be enjoyed indoors or outside on the spacious porch.

Everything was well maintained and clean. The hotel office area was very fun and you could tell these owners care about appearance. The parking area is a bit small so if you have a transit van or anything larger than a truck, you'll probably need to park elsewhere.

The Room: 7/10

Rating our room, The Atlantic Suite, is a little difficult because in so many ways it was amazing. But it was also a bit basic with not much living room space. Yet I do think the idea is to NOT spend time in the room unless it's for relaxation or romance.

There is no kitchen or microwave, so meal prep is completely out of the question. There is a fully stocked minibar, Keurig coffee maker, free WiFi, small table and chairs, and a private bathroom. The kingsize bed was super comfortable and it had a large TV for binge watching The Outlander. Don't judge me!

There's also plenty of USB ports and an outdoor deck area (though small). The advertised ocean view is a stretch but you can see a sliver of it. Overall the room was immaculate and clean so no worries there. And the good news... it was very quiet.

The Price: 6/10

The rates for the Foxberry Inn in Provincetown may be subjective depending on who you ask.

People with discretionary income, particularly wanting to participate in all the LGBTQ+ festivities, might consider this a bargain for what you get. You are close to the night life, the Boy Beach, and the historic West End. People who are on a budget as they travel will probably feel a bit different.

We paid $267 for one night which included parking. I also unknowingly paid $12 for an IPA from the mini-bar. That's a grand total of $279 for 20 hours of hotel lodging on the tip of Cape Cod. Was it worth it??

The Experience: 9/10

The experience we had was well worth the price because it was unique. It was fun to escape the Choice Hotel life for something totally different.

Our night at the West End and around town was a blast. Donetta and I had a fantastic dinner at Bayside Betsy's Restaurant. There were so many people (my guess was 98% men and 2% women) laughing and having fun, with no sense of negative vibes anywhere. And our LOOOONG hike on the Provincetown Causeway was extremely memorable despite not reaching the end.

From a purely financial view however, we've been in hotels with better views and amenities for a lot less. This is why I had to score lower on pricing and the room.

Total Overall Score: 8.4/10

As with any hotel review, we want to provide and honest evaluation so you can make the best possible decision on where to stay. Sometimes it's difficult to score a hotel for a variety of reasons, especially when the hotel we crash is not our norm.

Regardless, we'd have no hesitation in encouraging people to choose the Foxberry Inn in Provincetown if your wallet allows for it. This is a great place to crash and the staff were very friendly. Aside from the cost, we'd probably stay here again.

That's a wrap.