Hotel Review: Liki Tiki Village in Orlando, Florida.

Orlando has a lot of hotel and resort options. Here's why we recommend this property from Diamond Resorts.

Hotel Review: Liki Tiki Village in Orlando, Florida.

For those of you who have been to Orlando, you know how maddening it can be. Between the ball busting traffic and the overcrowding of tourists, one quickly realizes the importance of a peaceful retreat. So on our recent trip to Florida, we were stoked to discover the Liki Tiki Village by Diamond Resorts.

Our Review of the Liki Tiki Village:

While our stay was far from perfect, it was at times a tropical oasis of fun and tranquility. There are many aspects we loved about this property and it made our time in Florida better -- especially being by the pool when it was so hot and humid. But more on that soon. :)

Photos from around the Liki Tiki Village in Orlando, Florida.

The Location: 9/10

If you're in Orlando to visit any of the theme parks, and you have plenty of coin to spend, the best option is staying on the Disney Resort property. Eliminating the hassle of driving around so many crazy people is worth the cost. If you don't want to take out a second mortgage on your house for vacation, then Liki Tiki Village is in a great spot.

This property is centrally located to many tourist attractions but it's NOT within minutes of the theme park as advertised. Driving to the theme parks will be at least a 30-45 minute drive with traffic. Getting in and out of the resort can be a challenge at certain times as well.

On the flip side, there are plenty of food and shopping options around there, and it was nice to be further away from the hub of insanity. You are also very close to Clermont, Florida which is a great place to visit. We HIGHLY recommend the Showcase of Citrus which includes fun for the entire family.

The Property: 10/10

The property itself was amazing!!! Besides being very clean and well maintained, there is so much to do for adults and children.

Liki Tiki Village sits on 64 acres and includes a poolside bar and restaurant, three AWESOME pools (one with a waterpark theme), a small lake with paddle boats, miniature golf course, basketball court, sand volleyball court, tennis courts, game room, and physical fitness facility.

They include the typical amenities most people require and the staff was super friendly.

Photos of the room.

The Room: 7.5/10

We absolutely loved the room we stayed in with a few minor exceptions that had nothing to do with the resort but the rude people around us. Here's a breakdown of each component.

Kitchen: 10/10

The kitchen in our room at Liki Tiki Village was perfect for our needs. We had a full size fridge, oven, microwave, breakfast bar, coffee maker, blender, and plenty of cooking space. They include utensils, silverware, and plates as well, even though we travel with our own.

Living Room and Dining Room: 9/10

The living room and dining room were more than enough. We were able to spread out and utilize the space for working and eating, though the furniture wasn't super comfortable. Aside from that there are no complaints.

We did enjoy the screened in deck off the living room, especially because our room backed up against a nice forest view. We were able to sit outside during several thunderstorms and chill without distractions.

Bedroom: 8/10

The bedroom itself was good enough for it's intended purpose. It wasn't as large as some of the Diamond Resorts we've crashed, but we didn't need a lot of space for sleeping or binge watching Netflix. There was a dresser and closet that easily housed our belongings and the TV was fine.

Bathroom: 8/10

While there was plenty of actual space in the bathroom, counter space for all of our cosmetics wasn't as plentiful. LOL! Overall it was nice and it included the washer and dryer (always a plus) so no complaints here.

WiFI: 7/10

The WiFi in our Liki Tiki Village room was adequate most of the time but there were moments we wanted to scream bloody murder! If you are focused on vacation, no worries. But if you need to work, it can be frustrating.

Sound and Noise Level: 3/10

Speaking of bloody murder, having a lock off room (connecting door between rooms) is always a frustrating experience for us. Always.

At one point we had to call security because it sounded like the parents were letting their kids play dodgeball in their room. Thank God they only stayed a couple nights! But the resort also had a Groupon deal running which brought in a lot of loud, uncontrollable, trashy people. This is what killed their score here and it's unfortunate.

The Price: 10/10

Because we're Diamond Resort International members, we are able to save up to 75% off on our rates when booking 55 days or less in advance. This has saved us thousands of dollars since March of 2021. During our stay we paid $75 per night as a member which is below our daily budget.

Right now it looks like the average is $90 per night for non-members. This is a great rate for all you get at this resort.

The final score and our thoughts: 9.1/10

The Liki Tiki Village ended up being an awesome place to stay. There were a lot of aspects we liked about this place, and for the most part, it was an excellent experience. The only downside were the guests who ruined the score, which seems to be the common problem of hotel living.

And while I'm not a fan of Orlando at all, if we did come back to this area, I'd certainly crash here. Until next time, enjoy your travels!