Hotel Review: My Place North Las Vegas

It wasn't the worst but it wasn't the best. Next time we'd stay somewhere else.

Hotel Review: My Place North Las Vegas

Donetta and I are always looking for the best places to stay and try to provide our readers with good options when traveling full-time. Today we want provide our My Place Hotel North Las Vegas review.

We've already shared how much we love My Place Hotels as well as Staybridge Suites, but we want to do a better job of breaking down the details for each location we stay. Every traveling situation is different and your needs might be different than ours. Giving you our raw and unfiltered reviews will hopefully help you make the best choice for your own traveling adventures.

My Place Hotel North Las Vegas Review

I had the honor of visiting with Michael Rucker, General Manager of My Place Hotel North Las Vegas.

Michael has been in the hotel industry for over 30 years and managed several prestigious properties along the strip. He's also a United States Marine Corps Veteran who runs a tight ship. OORAH! Plus he's a cool guy.

Mr. Rucker only had one request when I told him about writing a review for this location -- be honest. I sincerely appreciate that because we will never write reviews that aren't real.

What we liked about this hotel.

From the moment we walked into the lobby on Sunday, we've felt nothing but safe and welcome. The entire staff I've visited with so far have been super nice and friendly, better than the people at Mandalay Bay Resort by far. The hotel property hasn't had any problems and I haven't seen any unpleasant "night life" at all.

The Queen Studio is extremely comfortable and spacious. There's enough room to store all of our totes and cook our own meals. With the exception of a left over coffee filter in the coffee maker and sticky floor, the cleanliness would have been perfect. But sometimes these things happen and it certainly isn't a deal breaker for us.

The location to restaurants, breweries, and shopping is excellent. Texas Roadhouse is right across the parking lot and is continually busy from 4:30 until closing! If you need to run to Walmart it's about two miles down the road. If you want to visit the Las Vegas strip, it's about 15 miles from this location. There's lot to discover if you aren't trapped in the room working. LOL!

What we didn't like about this visit.

This has ZERO reflection on Michael, his team, or My Place Hotels. There are certain things outside any of their control so there is no blame on them.

What I didn't like some of the grounds immediately around My Place Hotel North Las Vegas.

If you take a walk it can be very dirty in places, including broken glass, trash, and plenty of dog poop. Of course if dog owners would practice the courtesy of picking up after their animals, this problem could be solved. The rest of it is some of the "Vegas Experience" where some places in the town just aren't as clean.

It's also a bummer the hospitality area and coffee machines aren't open due to Covid 19, but I survived on the free coffee in the room.

Final Thoughts on My Place Hotel North Las Vegas

While you will get the casino or party life experience elsewhere, you will save money compared to the overpriced hotels on the strip. My Place Hotel North Las Vegas isn't fancy and there are no frills, but you will find a welcoming, clean, and safe place to work or sleep. Sometimes that's all you need.

Thanks to the entire staff in North Las Vegas for the great conversations and experience.