Hotel Review: Sedona Summit Resort.

We have spent a LOT of time in Arizona! Maybe it's because it's just so awesome with so many places to get outdoors.

Hotel Review: Sedona Summit Resort.

If you're passing through Sedona and looking for a great place to stay, look no further than the Sedona Summit Resort. It's a Diamond International Resort located just southwest of town and right off highway 89A. The location and the property are excellent. Let us share our Sedona Summit Resort review with you.

Sedona Summit Resort Notes

Because we became Diamond Resort members, we were able to get four nights free at the Sedona Summit Resort. We had recently stayed at the Bell Rock Inn for three weeks so we were familiar with DRI properties and the area.

We did book two nights in a studio room on our own dime before they put us in a one bedroom suite for our orientation. So we got to review two different room types.

The Location

Sedona Summit is located off of 89a, the highway that runs through the town of Sedona, and is nestled next to plenty of those gorgeous red mountain views. This resort is further out from the center of town, making it perfect for people wanting less hustle and bustle -- though if you're by the street, it's almost always busy.

If you enjoy hiking and beautiful sunsets, this is the perfect location to get outside and drink in the majestic scenery. Our studio room was a couple hundred yards from several trailheads. The one bedroom overlooked the valley and mountains, but was a longer walk to the trailhead. Either way it's awesome because you won't have to spend hours of frustration trying to find a parking spot.

The View

Our studio room overlooked the highway so that wasn't the best, but the view from our one bedroom balcony was spectacular. When you stay at the Sedona Summit Resort you likely won't have grand views out the windows unless you're at the back of the property, which I believe is an upgrade. But it's certainly worth it if you can swing it.

The Property

The entire property was very clean, well maintained, and had updated features and amenities. The main pool is very nice and perfect for families and the other pool areas great as well. We didn't spend time at the clubhouse or any other area, but given the state of everything else, it should be good.

The Rooms

The studio room was clean and nice, with updated features and decorations. The only downside was that it was small so if you have a bit of gear to haul in, this would be very cramped.

The one bedroom suite was awesome! Also clean and updated features, this space was plentiful for our needs. It included an oversized tub and fireplace for the romantic types. Wink, wink. Plus the kitchen was large enough for cooking and enjoying adult beverages. The best part - next to Donetta - was the balcony and views.

Even though the rooms were very good it's important to remember that being outdoors in Sedona should be the focus.

The Price

The Sedona Summit Resort is pricy at the time of this writing. A studio room is $209 per night while the one bedroom suite is $249 per night. Of course DRI members can use points or pay cash for way better rates.

When we stayed back in March 2021, the rates were a lot cheaper. I'm guessing the sudden surge in travel again and tourist season increased the fees.

The Negatives

Other than the current prices for rooms, which we'd never pay ourselves, the only thing we hated about this stay was the lack of consistent WiFi. It's better the closer you are to the lobby, but if you want to work or binge watch Netflix, be ready to be frustrated. However we can say WiFi issues are horrible all over Sedona so we won't entirely blame the resort in this situation.

Not the best photos but a fantastic place to crash in Sedona.

Would we stay here again?

As I wrap up the Sedona Summit Resort Review I would definitely say I'd stay here again ... if we get the rates in our budget.

I truly loved the location to the outdoor world and not having to search for parking by trailheads makes it worth the while. And if you want to stay for free, consider doing a presentation. The money you can save is a great trade off for an hour of your time.