Is Writing on Medium Worth It?

You can still make money but here's what you need to know.

Is Writing on Medium Worth It?

AH … the growing controversy for writers in the Medium ranks these days!

If you’ve been busy the past week and haven’t heard, there is a huge concern about what’s going on with the platform — mostly how many well established writers have discovered a dramatic drop in their views, engagements, and income.

Did we piss off the gods of Medium or is it something else?

Nobody knows for sure. While there are conspiracy theories to seemingly logical explanations, it’s all a big fucking guess. Many of us are grappling in the dark for answers hoping to find the light.

Of course I have my opinions which I’ll share below, but maybe you know the truth. #TheTruthIsOutThere 👽

Meanwhile, the quest to achieve financial success on Medium still seems to be a driving force among new and established writers, as evidenced by the continual maddening pace at which articles continue to be published.

There are dozens of new articles about how someone will make $5,000 per month or earn $1,011,391.00 from their efforts on the platform every day. It’s like a modern day gold rush where hordes of dreamers are packing up all their shit to head out West in search of fortune.

We keep sharing our strategies for making online money and telling the world how we’re gonna be rich and famous, even though the the chances of doing so are very slim. It’s a weird and unexplainable fervor that blinds us from the realities in front of us.

But we can’t quit!

If we don’t keep feeding our dream, er the Medium machine, then for sure, we’ll never reach our destination and find gold in them hills. Those who discover the rewards are those who keep digging, right?

Yet I have to think, perhaps the best way we can make our money is by selling the picks and supplies to others. Some of you have already grasped that strategy and are selling the dream to the dreamers. Kudos!

OK, enough of that.

Let’s get into the hard discussion now so you can decide if it’s all worth it.

Is writing on Medium worth all of the effort?

wrote my perspective about this months ago as well as my opinions about the Friend of Medium program, but now that I’ve done more digging, feel like it’s time for another no bullshit update, which will probably not help my rankings or graces within the machine. Oh well.

✅ Yes — If you want to build an audience.

You can publish like a madman hyped up on crack to gather a following easily and fairly quickly, though the amount of followers you build will be contingent on what you write and how often you publish.

✅ Yes — If you want to generate some great SEO benefits.

You can generate some real interest in your content if you spend time working on Search Engine Optimization and keywords. My strategy is to rank for specific topics that lead others to my websites, not just Medium.

✅ Yes — If you love engagement from real people.

You can interact with a large community of people to discuss or cuss about any amount of topics, day or night. Sometimes you’ll get AI or bot generated responses, but there are actual people who will engage with you.

🛑 No — If you want to make real money and be profitable.

You won’t earn enough to make your hard work worth the effort unless you’re a magical unicorn. Compare how much people write compared to actual earnings and you’ll see working as a bartender pays more.

🛑 No — If you want to be in control of your destiny.

You won’t have any power to control how your content is seen due to the algorithm, the agendas of shareholders, or the mood swings of your audience. One day you’ll be a rockstar and the next you’re redundant.

🛑 No — If you want to build a sustainable future.

You won’t win the long term game by placing all of your bets on Medium. If you’re serious about being a writer or content creator, bet on yourself and increase your odds by placing your investments in a variety of platforms.

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There’s a really good chance some of you will disagree with me, especially those who are already making several hundreds of dollars at the moment. That’s OK because we’re all entitled to our opinions.

Yet I feel strongly about many of the things I’ve said here on Medium, otherwise I wouldn’t waste my time writing it!

I’m not new to blogging or making money online, having started this journey well before most people knew how to turn on a computer. Tandy TRS-80 anyone??? #OldSchool

That being said, I’ve got a wild range of experiences to support my opinions, not to mention I’ve seen this crazy ass phenomena several times before — especially in the tech world.

Just look at BlogSpotWordPressBloggerTypePadLiveJournal, and Tumblr. The same goes for “newer” apps like GoogleFacebookTwitterInstragram, or TikTok.

The technologies or brands you place your hopes and dreams in can disintegrate them all in a heartbeat. ❤️ 🔥

Writing on Medium is worth the time because it gives you an opportunity to explore your ideas for free and without much effort. But if you’re placing all your bets on this being your winning lottery ticket for writing, you’re gonna entirely fuck yourself and your financial future.

Platforms change. People change. Markets change. What works today doesn’t always work tomorrow.

You can definitely bank on that.