Letting Go and Moving On

As we begin our adventure of a lifetime, it means we will have to let go of many things.

Letting Go and Moving On

When you're considering leaving everything behind to live a brand new adventure, it requires you to evaluate every aspect of your life.

  • Relationships.
  • Business.
  • Money and Budget.
  • Travel Plans.
  • Hopes and Fears.
  • What to bring, what to keep, and what to sell.

A whole list of questions will come to mind and you'll be forced to make some hard decisions before you GO. It can be quite stressful and sometimes painful.

It's just not easy digging into all these things. But if you want to experience the adventure of a lifetime, it will be a part of the process.

True freedom begins by letting go.

I'm someone who hangs onto almost everything. Not just vintage toys or stuff I've collected since childhood, but also memories, experiences, ideas, relationships, and fears. I can be a hoarder of the tangible and intangible, often to the detriment of my health and happiness.

So last year I decided it was time to start letting go, beginning with the mental things keeping me in bondage.

  • Toxic relationships with people I loved
  • Hateful and negative thoughts about myself
  • Painful memories and regrets from my past
  • Unhealthy eating habits and alcohol abuse
  • Wonderful business ideas and opportunities

Then I focused on getting rid of the physical stuff holding me back from living the life I desired.

  • Sentimental photos were scanned and burned.
  • Cherished collectibles were given away or thrown out.
  • Valuable house items were sold or donated.

Anything that I didn't truly need was deeply scrutinized so that I could find some sort of peace in letting go. Whatever it took, I was willing to do it. And it was awesome.

The benefits were incredible.

Despite the wide range of emotions involved in the purge, I experienced a freedom and happiness I had not felt in decades. It was liberating!

  • Mentally I'm much happier and peaceful.
  • Physically I'm healthier and 40 pounds lighter.
  • Professionally I have clarity and purpose.
  • Personally I'm less of an angry asshole. LOL!

It's amazing all the baggage we carry as humans.

Just think how many other people are struggling every single day because they hold onto a variety of crap they don't need? There is so much more to life and it's only when we're willing to let it all go that we truly begin to discover joy.

It's not completely over either.

As Donetta and I get down to the final few months before we make the journey, we'll have more decisions to make. We'll have to be prepared to say goodbye to people we love and the place we've called home for 14 years now. The last bit of stuff will be sold or placed in a small storage. And we'll ride off into the sunset.

The road ahead won't be easy but then pursuing the dream of a lifetime never is. I know the tradeoffs will be worth it and that makes me smile.