Life from the Road TV. Anything is Possible.

Maybe it's a pipe dream and maybe not. The question is if the world is ready for the Dalmans.

Life from the Road TV. Anything is Possible.

Imagine you're flipping channels when all of a sudden you see a grown ass man bouncing on a hotel bed. His wife stands in the corner with hands on her hips, as she yells at him to stop. He turns to the camera and extols, "This bed certainly passes the sex test," and turns back to his wife with a delightful smile and a wink. She rolls her eyes and says, "Can you NOT? Too far!" and leaves the room.

Life from the Road TV. Where James will definitely cross the line!

Years ago I fell in love with the Booze Traveler (what an awesome job) and most recently Kara and Nate on YouTube. There are a lot of great shows that have to do with traveling. So why not the Dalmans?

Perhaps we could turn our hotel living lives into some sort of entertainment. After all, there are a LOT of interesting things that go on in our travels and the places we visit. And to be honest, we can be real dorks as we navigate our pickup truck into the unknown. Maybe you'd get to experience a heated debate about something that happened 30 years ago. Who IS right, Donetta or James???

Finally if you add into the mix I'm probably going to say or do something really stupid - which is very common - that should be interesting enough. I'll set myself on fire and you can watch me burn. LOL

Is this some sort of joke?

While we have talked numerous times about creating YouTube videos of our travel experiences and failed miserably, the idea of an actual TV show wasn't ours at all. That credit belongs to our friends.

Having met in person for the first time when we showed up to crash their house last year, Brent and Michelle planted the seed for a show over some delicious beers. They suggested we start recording and pitch it to a network. Apparently our story and relationship was entertaining (or horrific) enough to ignite the idea we should do a Life from the Road TV show.

We thought it was a sarcastic Nevadian joke or pure drunkenness ... but they were serious!

Donetta and I do have a unique story. We're not retired or independently wealthy, nor do we travel in an RV, and we are in the youngish crowd for this lifestyle. Plus she's a little bit country and I'm every bit of rock-n-roll. There could be something crazy enough there to build on. Would anyone want to watch though?

That's my biggest question.

The planning and work.

Gaining an audience besides our mothers and Brent and Michelle would be a heck of a challenge. And most people fail to ever gain traction - whether it's online or traditional media. Yet people fell in love with the Kilcher family, the Robertsons of Duck Dynasty, and dozens of other quirky people over the years. It's certainly possible for success with the right planning and luck.

But it's the actual work that scares me.

Actually I don't mind hard work or getting my soft, supple hands dirty. Rather I don't love the idea of learning how to shoot video, editing it, and then publishing after having learned from other vloggers that creating a series online or offline can take a lot of time. Hell, I haven't even published the few hours of video I already have ... which Donetta DOES remind me weekly about. ;) It just seems like a monumental task -especially if people don't like it.

Of course I know these are all excuses.

Starting a business requires commitment and this is no different. We're not scared of the risk because we've been doing it all our lives. And the thought of having a Life from the Road TV show is very enticing. The time could be right for something like this. No one knows the outcome without first trying, right?

Chip and JoAnna. Taurek and Christina. James and Donetta.

I guess we will see where it all goes.