The ONE Thing People Forget to Mention About Business Success.

You can do everything right and still not succeed.

The ONE Thing People Forget to Mention About Business Success.
Photo by Yan Ming / Unsplash

Have you ever wondered why your business ideas never seem to quite reach the pinnacle of success you had hoped for?

Perhaps you’ve read all the recommended business classics and applied every lesson towards your capitalist adventure. Maybe you’ve followed the simple steps to success blueprint from various experts or hung onto every word from Shark Tank investors.

But no matter what you try you always seem to fail.

So of course you tell yourself to just work harder or hustle more; that one day if you just do everything right your dream will become a huge success.

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I’ve invested 35 years into entrepreneurship and various business pursuits.

A few of my ventures did well, a couple kicked ass, and most of them just failed miserably.

It didn’t matter how much passion I had, how hard I worked, or how much of an expert’s knowledge I applied to the situation, there was absolutely no guarantee of achieving any level of success.

This is when I learned the one thing people never talk about in business.

Often it just comes down to luck.

You can have the most fucking talent in the world.

You can have a revolutionary product that changes lives.

You can have and endless passion and belief that can’t be shaken.

And you can still lose everything.

I’ve watched hundreds of talented entrepreneurs with an amazing product or service do everything right according to standard business practices — and still never make any money from their hard work and investment.

Meanwhile I’ve seen other entrepreneurs who are less talented with a mediocre offering doing the same exact thing, without putting in all that hard work, who absolutely crushed it.


It’s not fair how the universe decides which person gets to enjoy this seemingly small but powerful blessing. But it happens.

The shitty thing is you still have to do all the hard work and put in the time without ever fully knowing what will happen.

You must be ready in case you’re chosen in life’s game of duck, duck, goose.

If you don’t, you‘ll certainly fail.

Maybe this isn’t the best motivational speech for aspiring entrepreneurs but it’s the reality of anyone seeking to launch a business.

You might get lucky or you might not.

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There is also one more thing you should know and remember.

You did what 99% of other humans will never attempt to do.

Most people will only talk about pursuing their dreams or launching a business from scratch. Most people will never take any steps to make it a reality. Most people will fail before they even give it a try.

Regardless of how the adventure turns out, you were brave enough to go.

That means everything!

I applaud all who have the courage to step out into the unknown and who are willing to explore the possibilities.

And you might discover the journey was even better than the destination.

Good luck. 😃