Why Making Six Figures Shouldn’t Be Your Focus

Stop chasing the money and focus on doing something that matters.

Why Making Six Figures Shouldn’t Be Your Focus
Photo by Stefan Cosma / Unsplash

I see a lot of bullshit headlines on blogging platforms promising the reader (i.e. YOU) the secrets of how to make six figures by following their “simple steps for success.”

  • How to make six figures by launching a side hustle.
  • How to make six figures as a social media influencer.
  • How to make six figures selling t-shirts with drop shipping.

Blah, blah, blah! Ad nauseum.

As a side note: it’s interesting how many of these posts seem to be written by keyboard experts with very little actual business experience. But that’s a discussion for another day.

Now back to my thoughts.

There are several inherent problems in this ideal of chasing this magical number of money. No, it’s not because shooting for a monetary goal is wrong. It’s just not the right focus for launching a business.

And let’s be real.

We ALL want to make a shit ton of money from our entrepreneurial efforts. None of us launch our ideas into the world hoping to lose money or just break even. It just doesn’t happen.

What’s the problem with being affixed on the six figure mindset?

Reason #1: It’s self serving.

If you want to build a great business that provides a sustainable and profitable income, you gotta focus on serving your audience and not be consumed with yourself.

Business is about providing something of value to a customer. Nothing else matters.

If you offer a product or service that genuinely solves a problem or need, you will make money. But if you’re only goal is that six figure pay day, you aren’t going to be around for very long.

Reason #2: It’s fleeting.

Chasing money can be intoxicating! Like a dopamine hit on heroin, the rush of getting sales with your entrepreneurial pursuits is a complete rush and it can be very rewarding — at first.

Yet like with any other drug the high doesn’t last. You‘ll always want more!

Setting your sights on a fleeting goal causes depression, anxiety, sadness, and anger. Even though money can fix some problems, it also creates them, and long term it won’t buy you eternal happiness.

Why not focus your mental health and energy on something more important? If you make a $300,000 great! If not, that’s OK too.

Reason #3: It’s probably not going to happen.

We all have hopes and dreams of making it in business or achieving some pinnacle of success envisioned in our minds. Unfortunately most people will fail to reach their goals for a variety of reasons.

I’m not trying to be pessimistic but the stats and data don’t lie.

If your objective is to make a six figures in anything, you have to really want it and work your ass off for it. Yes, some rare unicorns get lucky at making money online quickly, but most of us will have to fight for every penny we earn. There are no shortcuts like most of these Medium posts promote.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t shoot for it. Just don’t expect it.

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Focus on doing something that matters instead.

Your time on this planet is finite. You only get one life and every second counts!

We tend to get enamored with the shiny stuff like follows or likes. We strive to reach some mythical idea of success like earning a million dollars or being famous like the Kardashians. We aspire to be like Mr. Beast or some other internet mogul.

These things really don't matter.

The truth is so many pursuits are based on ideals others have set for us. We have invested in lies that will never make us happy of fulfilled. And we waste priceless time and energy we can never get back. Making money is a fantastic goal, it’s just not always enough.

Ask yourself what really matters.

If you focus on doing something that matters to you and others, it will be rewarding even if you never make six figures at it.

You will experience joy even when the days are filled with difficult challenges. You will be motivated to keep going because you’re doing something worthwhile.

This is where it’s really at.

Then if you’re able to reach some level of financial success, it’s icing on the cake.