My Place Hotel Review: Watertown, South Dakota

We love discovering new hotels as we travel the United States. So we started sharing our reviews.

My Place Hotel Review: Watertown, South Dakota

We were driving through Watertown, South Dakota recently searching for a place to stay when we came across a My Place Hotel. I've never heard of this brand so we were hesitant to give it a try ... but I'm sure glad we did! These independently owned, extended stay properties are fantastic and we've had a great experience so far.

What we love about My Place Hotels

There are a few great aspects I'd like to cover for this My Place Hotels review and the three properties we've stayed in so far: Watertown, South Dakota; Fargo, North Dakota; and Dickinson, North Dakota.

The Staff

Hands down, the staff at each location has been awesome. They have all been extremely friendly and helpful, as well as provided us with suggestions for local breweries and restaurants. Tanya Reis, General Manager in Fargo, was amazing. We talked about full-time traveling with her and she even made sure we had a room ahead in Dickinson.

The Properties

Each location has been slightly different in appearance but all three have been very similar. All have been VERY clean and feel safe -- unlike a couple other extended stays we've tried. The properties are welcoming and comfortable. With the exception of our smaller room in Dickinson (the first in the My Place chain), we've had plenty of space to work, cook dinner, and live life.

The Pricing

Because we aren't independently wealthy, we set a daily hotel budget of $60-70 per night. Of course location and hotel properties can vary greatly, so it makes it difficult to do. My Place Hotels are economically friendly and have allowed us to stay on track. Not only that, My Place has been BETTER properties than others and for a lower cost. And if you stay longer, it's cheaper.

The Rewards Program

We don't really know much about this yet since we're so new to My Place Hotels, but they do seem to have a good rewards program which includes early check in and late check out. This is important to us since we have to get work done and traveling between locations could be a shorter drive. Nothing sucks more than sitting in a parking lot for hours to get a room.

Photos from My Place Hotel Watertown, South Dakota

My Place Hotels Review Final Thoughts

I've been in a lot of hotels the past ten years and there have been some great experiences, yet My Place Hotels has quickly become one of my top three favorites. Extended Stay America has become my least for what it's worth.

Whether you're empty nesters traveling the United States full-time or just going on the road for family vacation, I'd recommend checking out My Place Hotels.

They have 56 locations and about to launch another 12 in new cities. You can do your laundry there and grab a variety of snacks from their store. And while they don't have a traditional breakfast, you can get breakfast delivered to your room or cook your own food -- a plus for us trying to remain on the keto lifestyle.

We will definitely make this hotel our priority as we travel. Having a great experience after a long day on the road is important and we've found that here.

Now we're off to Billings, Montana and another hopeful wonderful stay.