There Are No Simple Steps to Success

It's important to not buy the magic bean if you want to be successful!

There Are No Simple Steps to Success
Photo by Wayan Parmana / Unsplash

I read an article from a well respected author this morning who shared a simple formula for building a life you don’t want to run from.

The headline is certainly enticing! Don’t we all want to live a life we don’t want to escape?

But earning anything worthwhile is never easy.

Following a formula is beneficial. It helps you to be consistent and focused. It provides a guide for you to follow so you get closer to your goals. And it can keep you on track.

Yet it’s just not that simple.


Have you ever watched those commercials for weight loss supplements?

The advertiser tells you how easy it is to lose weight with their pill or potion. They even show you amazing “transformative photos” for social proof. You get all excited thinking about the possibilities and that you’ll actually look awesome by purchasing their easy to use product.

Pop a pill and wait. Then you’ll look like Chris Hemsworth or Gal Gadot.

Very few people read the fine print. You know, the one that says individual results may vary. And it’s absolutely true because everyone is different.

Aside from the fact most of these products are bullshit, you have to account for your diet, genetics, age, metabolism, and a bunch of other factors for your success in losing weight. It’s just not a simple formula.

The same goes for building any business — especially online ones.

I’ve been creating and launching digital products or productized services for over 15 years now.

Having personally learned from some of the best online gurus in the country, in addition to teaching thousands of solopreneurs how to build profitable digital businesses, I can definitely tell you this …

Some of my ventures have been incredible wins but many of them have been catastrophic losses.

Despite following the same simple proven launch process, plan, or blueprint for every single one. The end result always varied.

You can do everything right and still fail.

Escaping the life you hate is not dependent on a formula. Building a successful business that provides true freedom is not based on a blueprint. If that were true then we’d all be living the dream.

There are factors like hard work, passion, consistency, resilience, and having people actually wanting to pay you for what you’re selling that contribute to your success.

Oh, and there’s luck!

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Photo by Markus Spiske / Unsplash

As I continue my own journey as a solopreneur, it truly bothers me how many “experts” deduct the idea of living your dream down to an easy to follow plan.

It’s not because I don’t believe in some of the theories or processes behind them. Some of these lessons are extremely valuable and will help you get closer to your goals. These ideas can work.

However, most of what I see being taught is clickbait hype ultimately designed to win your dollars by playing to your emotions. And I hate to see good people buying magic pills that usually don’t work.

So I’ll leave you with these truths.

There are plenty of opportunities for you to build a lifestyle business. There are thousands of you who can achieve more freedom. You certainly can earn more and work less. This is all 100% a reality!

Just remember it’s never easy or simple.

It’s called work for a reason.

And if you actually put in the work, you might just get lucky.