My First Time Getting High in Colorado

Is it the weed or the elevation? Maybe it's a combination of both. Read on to see what I'm talking about.

My First Time Getting High in Colorado

Are you ready to get your buzz on? That's good because today I'm gonna to share my experience about getting high in Colorado. Before you consider checking out because you think this post is about cannabis, hang tight ... it's not at all what you think.

Go ahead and grab some munchies. Let's have some fun!

Am I seriously talking about getting high in Colorado?

While I believe in the benefits of medical cannabis and CBD, and support the use of it, my reference to getting high is not about an altered state of mind but an altered state of the soul. It's about going on a discovery and finding a place of happiness.

We've been in Colorado for a week now and we absolutely love it.

There is something spiritual about seeing the mountains and being in the great outdoors. No words can easily express the feelings, nor can any photo truly capture the essence of what you see. It must be experienced in order to be understood.

Waking up to a panoramic view of Pikes Peak is awesome and inspiring. Walking in the woods and smelling the vibrancy of pine trees is intoxicating. Observing bucks, does, and other wildlife up close is invigorating. It's definitely a sharp contrast from the daily life we lived back in Oklahoma. I wouldn't change it for the world.

A bunch of Life from the Road pics from around Colorado.

Getting high in the mountains is awesome.

Ever since my childhood, I've loved being outside. Being able to explore nature is both peaceful and exciting. Growing up I always enjoyed learning about wilderness survival to animal tracking to plant identification. And even though I'm a HUGE magnet for poison ivy, sneaking around the woods is a real thrill for me.

When we sold our house and decided to travel full-time, Donetta and I made the commitment to be outdoors as much as possible. I'm proud to say we're now officially newbie hikers. We invested in some amazing boots at REI, purchased a few other trail hiking essentials, and set off into the mountains.

We just hiked a "moderate" climb and trail at Chautauqua Park in Boulder. It was 3 miles long, had a 6,250 elevation, and took two hours to complete. As we neared the peak, our lungs were gasping for air and our legs heavy with pain, but achieving our objective was glorious. It was an awesome accomplishment for only our fifth trek into the woods.

I'm stoked we're doing this adventure together and it's so cool to join a community of like minded people hiking the outdoors of America. There are so many benefits to getting high in Colorado, LOL!

What else can I say about Colorado?

The vibe here is really cool. Some places like Manitou Springs feel more like a new age hippy community where people from all walks of life groove together. Pearl Street in Boulder is similar and a great place to shop or have a beer.

I don't know if it's because adult use cannabis is legal here and they have plenty of awesome dispensaries like The Green Solution or it's simply because Coloradans are in such a majestic place, but people seem to be happy and having fun. It just feels right.

Next time you think about vacation, consider getting high in Colorado and reach a new altitude in life. You'll be glad that you did.

Stay tuned for our posts about Garden of the Gods, Manitou Springs and other places. There's simply too much to share about this experience in one article.

Keep reaching for the sky!