Perspective in Life is Everything

Regardless of what we encounter in our daily journey through life, how we look at things makes a difference.

Perspective in Life is Everything

We are all going through some very trying times right now.

This Coronavirus pandemic has truly messed up a lot of things for us, hasn't it?? But I've had to remind myself through all of the negative news and difficult information, that we're going to be okay.

Despite all the problems we're facing right now, it's important to remember how we see things is what truly matters.

There are many frustrations and disappointments, but perspective is everything.

I've seen some posts shared on social media recently that have reminded me that life can be a real challenge.

All the high school and college seniors have lost all the end of the year things that are so important. Many people lost their jobs all of a sudden and now have no income. Parents are having to figure out childcare and homeschooling because schools have closed for the rest of the year. I'm sure this is leaving so many feeling stressed and heartbroken.

These are just a few of the things that would be so hard to deal with when it's just thrown at you with no warning. But the thing to remember is even through all of this we are still blessed.

We are just staying in and away from people to stay healthy. We aren't at war, we don't have to fear for our safety, we can still go take care of essential errands and tasks, and we can still go outside and enjoy the lovely spring weather. So we can do this.

The biggest disappointment going on for us is that the timeline we had set for ourselves for taking off to travel is shot.

We had planned to sell personal belongings, have a garage sale, and sell our house soon but it's getting pushed back because of this. It's frustrating but in the grand scheme of things it's not a big deal. We hoped to be out traveling the country and enjoying our new adventure by mid-June, but if we have to start later we still can. That's still a blessing.

We still have blessings

Thankfully James and I are both still able to make money because we are self-employed and work from home. However we know this could change depending on how long this pandemic lasts. For right now we are good.

I'm also thankful because, in all honesty, this quarantine/stay-at-home order is not too much different from our normal life. lol!

James and I are homebodies and we spend a lot of time hanging out at home. So we're just doing more of the usual - reading lots of good books, working on puzzles, spending some time being creative (coloring, writing, drawing, etc.), listening to great music, and watching some good shows.

Side note - speaking of watching shows, James decided we needed to check out the show Love is Blind on Netflix and oh my gosh is it ridiculous! haha! We have gotten sucked in though and can't turn away! We have to know what happens next and how each "relationship" will pan out. Sometimes you do crazy things when dealing with a pandemic. ;) Are you watching anything crazy right now?

Another thing we are VERY thankful for is that we have our daughter here with us.

She has lived in the UK for the last 4 years and moved back right as all this started getting serious. Before she got here, we weren't sure from day to day if she'd get out of the country there and land safely here in the states. We got her here just in time and we have her quarantined with us at home and are loving getting to spend time with her.

I'm choosing thankfulness and remembering that perspective is everything

It's okay to grieve what we've lost and be frustrated about how this is messing up our plans for this spring and possibly summer and beyond. But for me, I want to keep it all in perspective and be thankful for what I DO have and that my family is safe and healthy.

We are going to make it through this together. <3