Pursuing Your Travel Dreams

You can either dream or you can take action. What will YOU do?

Pursuing Your Travel Dreams

I wish I could do that.

It's something that's been said to me numerous times over the years when talking about traveling or other adventures. People dream about the life they could live if only [insert excuse here].

But here's the deal. Pursuing your dream requires risk. #BOOM

You'll never reach the summit if you're not willing to climb the mountain.

If you really want to be one of the very few people to ascend the top of Mount Everest, it's going to require you to do a lot of shit you might not want to do.

It's gonna cost you time, money, resources and perhaps even your life. And even with all that advanced preparation you'll never reach the summit if you aren't actually willing to climb. Until then it's all just talk.

Nothing happens without taking action.

Maybe your dream isn't as extreme as climbing Mount Everest -- and to be honest I certainly don't have the balls for it!!! I still freak out and have nightmares about my drive up Pikes Peak last year -- yet there's a very good chance there is something you have been wanting to do for a long time.

Whatever it is that you hope to do one day, it's not ever going to happen if you aren't willing to take the risk. Hope is not a strategy.

I have a good friend who hopes and dreams about launching his own business. He’s extremely talented and has much to offer the world. Every time we talk he says he's ready to test the waters of entrepreneurship, but years have passed and he hasn’t even dipped a single toe into the pool. The reality is my friend is too comfortable with the security of a corporate job and isn't willing to take the risk.

I totally get it and don't fault anyone for being cautious.

Giving up a paycheck and health benefits isn't an easy decision, plus it's scary to think about the possibility of failure. If you have kids or five cats to feed, it makes the decision even harder. The problem is there is never a perfect time to pursue your dream and it will always cost you something.

A dream cannot become reality without taking the risk.

When Donetta and I announced we'd be selling almost everything to travel the world without a backup plan, we had a broad range of emotions and feedback from others.

Are we scared to leap into the unknown? You bet we are. Do people think we're crazy for pursuing our dream? Most certainly. No matter what the outcome though, we have decided our dream is worth the risk.

Toilet paper sitting on the toilet.

Either crap or get off the pot.

This might sound a bit crass or harsh but it's a saying I've come to enjoy.

Backpacking across Spain isn't gonna happen by just looking at maps. Starting the new business means more than thinking about it. Enjoying the nude beach means getting naked and letting it all hang out. Are you getting my drift?

There is no other way to experience the reward unless you take action. Crap or get off the pot. It's going to be messy no matter what so make the most of it.

Take action. Now.

Yes, you will face adversity and have challenges to overcome. People will probably laugh at you or question your sanity. There's even a chance you will fail. The best thing you can do is embrace these truths and then take a step forward anyways.

Pursuing your dream requires risk. It will always be that way.

I can't guarantee the outcome for your dream no matter what it is but I can guarantee living with regret will hurt you a lot more than the risk. We only have one life to live and it goes by so very fast. Do you really want to come to your last day wondering what if?

My encouragement to you is to take action today. DO SOMETHING to pursue your dream. I'll be here with some toilet paper and moral support.

An empty toilet paper roll that says "The End."