San Diego Whale Watch Review

James and I went on a whale watching tour with San Diego Whale Watch this morning and it did not disappoint!

San Diego Whale Watch Review

Today was incredible. James and I went on a whale watching tour with San Diego Whale Watch this morning and it did not disappoint!

We got to see sea lions, lots of birds, tons of dolphins, and whales just to name a few. It was a dream! We rode the Privateer and had an amazing captain and tour guide on our ship. I wish I remembered their names to give them a shout out but they were definitely awesome.

For this tour you get to go about 3 miles out into the ocean to get to the area where whales are likely to be found.

Along the way we saw huge pods of dolphins that would swim along beside us and do lots of jumping and playing in the water. It was so incredible to watch. We even saw a feeding frenzy with the birds on the way back. They dive into the water and eat the fish until their stuffed full. They said sometimes the eat so much they can't take off and fly because they're too heavy. haha!

You can also look back toward shore as you travel on the boat and see the San Diego shore - Point Loma, La Jolla, and such - and you can also see Mexico off in the distance.

Once we got out into the open ocean, there were times that we would sit in place and wait and watch and there would be whales that would come up and swim around our boat.

The types of whales we saw were smaller whales but still incredible to see. We also saw a stingray and our tour guide said it's the first time he's seen a stingray in the open ocean since he started doing tours 4 years ago!

All of the pics above are ones that we took ourselves but the tour guide also takes lots of photos as well and at the end of the tour you can buy a digital download to have pics of all the things you saw. I did that so I could have some amazing pics and these below are some of what we got.

We would definitely give this company/tour 5 stars out of 5.

If you're considering a whale watching tour - do it. This is SUCH a great time and so much fun. San Diego Whale Watch also has an amazing FB page where they post tons of great pics all the time so if you love to see pics like this give them a follow!