Summer of Love 2020

I got my toes in the water, ass in the sand, not a worry in the world, a cold beer in my hand, life is good today ...

Summer of Love 2020

A year ago I had a brilliant vision while casually drifting around the lazy river on a hot day at White Water park. It would be a spiritual awakening an epic journey. I called my vision the Summer of Love and it would be awesome!

Wait. Wasn't that in 1967 dude?

Unfortunately the hippies movement was before my time. I've always been envious of the Boomers who had the opportunity to experience Jimi Hendrix, Haight Ashbury, the free-love scene, and an eclectic group of people. It certainly sounds better than binge watching Tiger King on Netflix during a pandemic.

The Summer of Love in 1967 and the hippy culture would have been the perfect vibe for this late to the party beatnik. I missed out.

My Summer of Love will be different.

While I totally dig the idea of not bathing for weeks and sharing the love in a back of VW bus, my vision is more about celebrating a new decade in time and my age, while revisiting the fountain of youth.

Maybe there will be some bong hits and nude walks on the beach, but it's really about experiencing freedom and the joy of summer I remember from childhood.

Summertime for me was magical.

My aunt Yvonne and uncle Carol owned an above ground swimming pool. Every year we lost our shit as we waited for "opening day" when we could partake of that sweet nectar of the gods.

Summer was magical because our mothers would allow us to spend hours playing Marco Polo while eating everything from watermelon to vegetable plates to popsicles. We were free to enjoy life in the sunshine without much care in the world.

Our family and friends would gather to have fun and make memories that would last me a lifetime. No matter how broke or messed up family life might be, that all seemed to melt away in the summer heat. I'm so thankful for those times.

Sandy feet at the beach

Summer of Love 2020

Maybe it sounds like some weird mid-life crisis where I forgo the blond hair and corvette for a swimming pool and speedo, but to experience that childlike freedom again would be exhilarating.

Spending time by the pool being the sexiest 50 year old with a hot young blonde is my dream. I want to drink Piña Coladas and skinny dip in the ocean and enjoy hanging out with new friends ... though probably not at the same time. And to clarify, Donetta IS that hot young blonde. I didn't say I wanted a Summer of Ass Kicking. :)

All joking aside, the Summer of Love to me is just being able to soak in the sun and live a much simpler life than it's been in the past. It's about making new amazing memories and preparing for the big 5-0 this year.

Will it happen?

As we eventually begin our adventure, I hope my Summer of Love 2020 comes to fruition in some shape or form. Even if means me just sitting in the backyard with a drink in my hand by an inflatable pool.

Let us remember and cherish the good days of our past. Cheers!