About Us

The story behind Life from the Road.

About Us

People think we’re crazy! 😜

They just don’t understand why a couple in their mid-fifties would sell almost everything they owned to live from a pickup truck and a life from the road.

But it’s what we did and we absolutely love it.

In 2020, we decided to give up the American Dream for our dreams. First by selling our home of 14 years and downsizing our belongings to a 10x10 storage, then by choosing to head off into the unknown, traveling to places we always wanted to see.

We had no real agenda and no plan. We just left and never looked back.

The truth is we’ve always been a bit unconventional, doing things others thought was crazy or inconceivable. Donetta and I decided a long time ago to follow our own path even when it went against the status quo.

Even though it’s not always been easy to be on our adventure and we’ve encountered our share of challenges, it’s been one of the greatest decisions of our entire lives.

There are absolutely no regrets.

We’re not a retired and wealthy couple hauling an RV.

It’s often assumed we are financially independent and driving some sort of glorious motor coach towards the retirement villages. This couldn’t be farther from the truth!

The first few years of our traveling adventures we crashed on people’s floors, in hundreds of hotel rooms, and at our Hilton time-share resorts. While we still do this, we’re also the old couple climbing into our basic rooftop tent attached to our truck at RV parks and free BLM places as we travel.

Both of us work our digital businesses from the road, making money online the best we know how. Other than a little savings, we have no retirement or backup plan.

Life is short so be bold and enjoy it.

We can’t tell you how many times we’ve cheated death, how many people we know whose lives ended way too early, or the sheer amount of people who tell us they hope to experience their dream some day. 💔

Tomorrow is never guaranteed.

It seems foolish to live in the moment and to give up so many things in life, but what we’ve learned over and over again is it’s better to try and fail than die with regrets. And as we get older, it will be harder on our bodies to do what we do.

So our purpose is inspiring you to be bold and to go live your own adventure now.

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