Visiting Keukenhof in Holland

The Dutch are known for their tulips and windmills. Both are easy to spot in the province of Holland! 💐

Visiting Keukenhof in Holland

What is it that the Dutch are most known for? Tulips and windmills. At least that's the iconic symbols that we mostly see of the Netherlands. And there's a good reason for that - both are easy to spot in the province of Holland and there is definitely an abundance of them.

On our first trip to the Netherlands back in 2017, I was able to go visit Keukenhof Gardens and I decided I wanted to go again this time too. Mainly because the first time we went, the big tulip fields in the surrounding areas that they're famous for were already out of bloom so we didn't get to see those. This time we did! And it was so beautiful. Pictures don't do it justice either. It's just row upon row of beautiful flowers and it's so amazing.

We made this an overnight trip up north so we could take our time at the gardens and also visit Scheveningen Beach - which has special meaning because that's where my mom-in-law played at the beach as a child.

We stayed in a place in Noordwijk and enjoyed walking around the area, walking up to the beach, checking out the lighthouse, and looking for a few shells. We ate dinner at Strandclub Witsand and had some delicious food and drinks! It seemed to be pretty nice outside so we opted to sit in their outdoor area so we could enjoy the ocean view and here the waves rolling in. It ended up okay but we ended up being pretty dang cold sitting out there! haha! Still though, it was an amazing view and a fun experience.

After dinner we walked down the beach back toward our place and decided to stop in one more place for some drinks.

We stopped at B.E.A.C.H. Noordwijk - Best Escape Anyone Can Have. haha! Love the name and the vibe was super cool! It was crazy though because as we sat there, the fog rolled in and it got so thick we couldn't even see the water anymore! But while we were cold at dinner, we were nice and cozy inside at this place sitting by a fire with our drinks.

But the main event for the trip was Keukenhof Gardens and it did not disappoint. I could spend hours walking around this beautiful garden and never see all the beauty it contains. They have so many different varieties of flowers - not all tulips but all kinds - and they're just stunning. They do an amazing job of creating beautiful patterns with the flower gardens that really draw your eye.

As you might guess, this place is VERY busy with a ton of people visiting every day. You can buy your tickets online for the day you'd like to go so that you're sure to get in. Parking can look overwhelming when you first see the lot but they do a fantastic job of directing you and it's laid out very well so it's easy to get in and out.

While inside the gardens they have a variety of buildings with displays you can check out, food courts so you can grab a bite to eat, playgrounds for kids, and even a windmill that you can go inside and up to an upper level to see some pretty views from above. They also have a little boat tour that you can take to see the area outside of the garden. We didn't do that so I don't know exactly what it includes but it looked like fun! They also have plenty of little gift shops so you can get a souvenir or a gift for someone. And if you're a gardener you can even buy seeds and plants to take home with you.

This is definitely a place you have to time just right in order to see all the flowers in bloom and get the full experience. Make sure to check out their website or follow their Facebook page to keep up with dates and information for visiting. If you are like me and you enjoy gardens and flowers, this is a must if you're going to be anywhere near there. It's a sight you just can't believe until you see it in person.