We're Gonna Travel Full Time

People think we're crazy to leave everything behind for the adventure of a lifetime!

We're Gonna Travel Full Time

For as long as I can remember, James and I have dreamed of travel. We love to visit new places, see exciting things, and have amazing experiences all around the world. All of our free Scentsy trips have fueled our passion for travel even more.

We've been blessed to travel to so many places. Hawaii, the Bahamas, Mexico, Caribbean islands, Dominican Republic and even a Mediterranean cruise were all free Scentsy trips we earned. It's definitely been awesome but we're always ready for more when we get home. LOL!

These experiences have led us to make a huge decision -- going on the road full time!

You're going to do what???

Yes, we do get asked that a lot and you might be thinking we're insane. But it's a dream we've had for so long that we HAVE to make it come true. We don't know if we'll last a few months doing this or several years, but we're going to go out and explore and live a life of adventure until we are tired of it. We don't know if we'll settle back down or not.

We've also been asked other great questions.

How will we make a living?

I'm so thankful that we both have businesses that we can work from the road, no matter where we are. All we need is an internet connection and a computer and we're good to go. Because of this we can support ourselves along the way and make money to pay for the things we need just like we do at home.

Lots of people want to live the freedom lifestyle while traveling. Hopefully we'll be able to share some of our insights once we get going.

Where will we live or stay?

Over the last couple of years we've looked into so many options for how we want to live - travel trailers, fifth wheels, Class C RVs, hotels, Airbnb - and we've settled on hotels and Airbnbs for now.

We think this will allow us the flexibility we want, while keeping our costs low (because we are very frugal ). Plus we want to make our road experience waaaay less stressful and a lot easier. Airbnb has truly changed what travel looks like in recent years and we've had amazing experiences with it, so we are excited to choose that as our option.

Besides, you haven't seen James drive an RV. We're safer that way. :)

Be ready for more updates.

We're excited to share the journey as we move along through this process. Hopefully you'll get a kick out of it too. It could be hilarious.

James and I will share how to prepare for a decision like this to how to get going on your dreams. We'll let you know our favorite spots to how to deal with the detours. Maybe there will be a few potholes along the way too. Whatever the case, I hope you'll follow along and enjoy the ride with us!