Hiking Devils Bridge Trail in Sedona.

There are so many hiking trails to enjoy in Sedona and this one was the best yet.

Hiking Devils Bridge Trail in Sedona.

One of our favorite places to visit since we started traveling is Sedona, Arizona. The beauty there is just astounding and it’s something we haven’t gotten tired of. Our favorite thing to do while visiting Sedona is to go hiking. Some of the trails there are so popular that it’s hard to get a parking spot at the trailhead so you just have to keep trying until you get in. Another issue is getting there at the right time of day because the hike can take awhile.

That was the case with the Devils Bridge Trail.

There is a small parking lot at the official trailhead but you have to have a high clearance or off road vehicle to drive there. Most people park in the parking lot that’s just off the road and hike along the rough road to the trailhead. This road is about a mile long so with that included the hike is about 4 miles.

It’s an out and back trail and the end of it is pretty steep and you have to do some climbing but it’s totally worth it. If this 50 year old woman can do it, it’s not too challenging. Haha! Heck, we even met a 70 year old woman on the trail and chatted for a minute with her and she did awesome!

The views from many points along Devils Bridge Trail are just breathtaking. One of the main reasons I love to hike is to see these beautiful views and take pictures. I absolutely love photography so this makes my heart happy.

Once you get to the bridge, unless you started your hike very early in the morning, you’re going to see a long line of people waiting to go out on the bridge to take a pic. lol! We started pretty early and there was already a line forming when we got there. I had NO desire to walk out on that bridge though so it wasn’t an issue for us. We took our pics with the bridge in view behind us thank you very much. ;)

If you get a chance to visit Sedona and you enjoy a good hike, check out Devils Bridge Trail. It’s rated moderate on AllTrails (an app I HIGHLY recommend) and you’ll get some great views!

Pictures of Donetta and James hiking along the trail.