Hotel Review: Beachwoods Resort, Outer Banks.

If you're looking for a great place to stay on the Outer Banks, this might be your huckleberry.

Hotel Review: Beachwoods Resort, Outer Banks.

Today we'd like to share about our travel experience and stay at the Beachwoods Resort OBX in Kittyhawk, North Carolina.

If you've never had the opportunity to visit the Outer Banks, this should definitely be on your list to visit! There are so many interesting places to see and the beaches were spectacular. There are certainly plenty of options for fresh seafood, entertainment, shopping, and of course surfing. And there are many choices for housing rentals or hotels.

So why should you consider Beachwoods Resort?

The Property: 10/10

Without a doubt, this has been one of our most favorite "hotel crashes" since the start of our journey. Driving in you'll notice a beautiful sign and property that makes you feel at home.

There's a large resort center with a nice sized pond and water features. You can walk around this pond, take the paddle boats for a spin, or sit in the rocking chairs while enjoying your favorite beverage. It's quiet and serene, nestled in a woodscape setting.

Beachwoods Resort OBX offers up some incredible amenities as well, including a very large beautiful outdoor pool and hot tub, an indoor water park pool perfect for children, sand volleyball courts, tennis courts, bocce ball, and a well equipped fitness facility.

The entire property was well maintained and very clean. It certainly deserves the four star rating it's been given.

The Location: 9/10

The only reason why we didn't give this location a perfect score is because it's not right on the beach, but don't let that fool you. Beachwoods Resort OBX is a four minute drive to the beach, even offering their own gated and private parking area 1/2 block from the sand. It was SO EASY to access by going out the back gate and driving across Highway 158.

Overall we loved the location for various reasons besides quick access to the beach.

There's a Walmart just outside the front gates and a Harris Teeter, Food Lion, Walgreens, Starbucks, and other places right along the highway. Because Highway 158 or North Croatan Highway is the main street, it can get very busy in sections along the Outer Banks, but this resort is in an area that never seemed congested or busy. And since it's nestled in the Kitty Hawk Woods Coastal Reserve, it provides peaceful serenity.

Finally you can drive a few miles to the south and discover all the shopping and surf stores you can imagine. Getting to Wright Brothers Memorial is no problem either.

Random photos of the Beachwoods Resort property.

The Room: 8.6/10

While I'll do a breakdown on individual features, the entire room receives a great score because it is beautifully decorated, extremely spacious, very clean, and provided everything we could hope for. It was a one bedroom, two bathroom suite.

The Kitchen: 10/10

Donetta LOVED the kitchen due to the space. It had a stainless steel refrigerator, granite counter tops, a breakfast bar, stove, microwave, dishwasher, garbage disposal, and plenty of cabinet space -- which included fully stocked kitchen supplies. Making our keto friendly meals was no problem at all.

The Living Room: 10/10

This was one of the largest living rooms we've had so far. While it's fairly basic, it was decorated nicely and the couches were actually comfortable for a change. This was a great area to work, read, or sit and drink coffee while staring out the windows. And there's an outdoor, screened in sitting area for you to enjoy when the weather is cooler.

The Dining Room: 10/10

We're not used to having a dinning area, but Beachwoods Resort OBX certainly provided a very large table and area to gather for meals. While we did eat at this table, it was mostly used for Donetta's Scentsy business. LOL!

The room at Beachwoods Resort was fantastic.

The Bedroom: 8/10

The bedroom wasn't spectacular from an amenity perspective, but it was large enough to have a dance party in. The bed was comfortable and the closet had ample storage for our stuff. The only complaint from a technology perspective was a lack of charging ports or plugins, but then this really isn't an issue. And we weren't at the beach to spend time in the bedroom anyway.

The Bathrooms: 9/10

There were two bathrooms in our unit. A smaller hallway bathroom and a larger master bathroom in the bedroom. Both were very clean, bright, and updated. They had proper plugins and space to do what needed to be done.

The WiFi: 10/10

We all know that civilization would end without proper WiFi connection. :) All joking aside, since we work from the road it's always paramount for us to have great internet connection. We experienced no problems while crashing at Beachwoods Resort OBX.

Sound and Noise Level: 3/10

One of the cons about hotel living is dealing with stupid, loud people. Nothing pisses me off more than mindless idiots who have zero consideration for the residents around them. Unfortunately this was where our room fell short!

We know by now that being on the top floor is ALWAYS the way to go, even when having to lug a truck load of cargo up three flights of stairs. So during our stay we were slotted on the ground floor and had to deal with heavy walkers at times. But the worst situation was our room was a lockout (adjoining room and door) which was the straw that broke the camel's back.

I feel a little bad for losing my cool on the next door neighbors, but seriously three grown ass children having a World Wrestling bout while the parent's "slept" was totally not needed or welcomed. They met the ugly James.

The Laundry: 9/10

Our resort unit shared a washer and dryer with the unit next door. It was located in the shared hallway entrance and was no problem to use. Of course we prefer having the laundry machines in our room, but this was definitely better than having to travel to another building or floor.

The Price: 9/10

The Beachwoods Resort OBX is not cheap during the summer season. Lately it's been several hundred dollars per night. Luckily for us we hit this place before the Covid restrictions were all lifted and the summer tourism was in full swing. And because we are Diamond Resort members, we got a deeper discounted price at about $73 per night.

Overall Beachwoods Resort OBX Review Score: 9/10

Had it not been for rowdy neighbors, this stay would have been perfect for us. However this isn't the fault of Beachwoods Resort and overall we loved our time here. We've already talked about going back at some point in the off season so we can have more fun in this amazing coastal area.

The entire Outer Banks area is magical in so many ways and it has such a great vibe. We loved Hurricane Mo's Beachside Grill, spending hours walking the beach, visiting the Wright Brothers Memorial, and seeing our awesome friends and their home in Corolla. The drive south down the coast to Bodie Lighthouse and Cape Hatteras Lighthouse was also priceless.

Everything was such a wonderful experience. We hope you get to discover it for yourself.