Hotel Review: Greensprings Vacation Resort.

The experience started off really bad but then it all turned around thanks to the staff of Greensprings Vacation Resort.

Hotel Review: Greensprings Vacation Resort.

The Greensprings Vacation Resort was one of our most recent hotel crashes as we made our way through Williamsburg, Virginia.

We've been working our way back up the East Coast from Florida with the goal of reaching Maine by September. Because this part of the country has so much history to it, we wanted to make sure we had time to see what we could while maintaining our work schedule.

This Diamond Resort International property started off with a bad experience but by the end of our three week stay, it was fantastic.

Our Greensprings Resort Experience

When we arrived at this location it was at 11:30 am EST. We know the standard check-in time is 3 pm but many places we've stayed have graciously allowed us to check in early. Unfortunately it was almost 4:30 pm before we got our room. The good news is while we waited, we were able to enjoy the amazing pool and do some sightseeing.

It's important to state how many hotels and resorts are understaffed due to Covid and people not wanting to work. So we never blame the hotels or housekeepers as they are doing their best. Many of these people work long hard hours cleaning rooms that are destroyed by horrible guests. Thank you all for your efforts!!

Getting more bad out of the way.

This was a highly unusual experience because we had to move rooms THREE times. Yep, that's 100% true.

Our first room was absolutely perfect until the sewer smell from our bathroom sink wanted to make us throw up in our mouths. We tolerated this for a couple of days but there was no way for them to fix it. So we had to haul our stuff down three flights of stairs to move to a second level room, knowing being on that level would be a mistake.

Unfortunately we were right.

We won the lottery for extremely loud jackasses above us. It's not fun waking up at 2 am while furiously grabbing your pistol thinking someone is kicking in your door. So after multiple calls to security and the front desk, we were moved to our third room of this stay.

Thankfully this move to another building and up another three flights of stairs was our last. The Greensprings Vacation Resort manager was so awesome in helping us and even refunded a week of points to us. All of this was beyond their control so we have no hard feelings here.

The Location: 10/10

Greensprings Resort is located at 3500 Ludwell Parkway in Williamsburg, Virginia, right off Highway 5000 or Monticello Avenue. It's near the town of Powhatan and a few miles from stores, shops, and restaurants. You can get to many historical places from this area.

But what I loved about this location, and why I gave it a perfect score, was due to it's "seclusion." The resort is a little ways off of the road and in a woodsy area, away from the hustle and bustle of town.

The Property: 8/10

Overall the property was in very good condition. There are some older buildings being renovated but the renovated parts were excellent. There are a lot of trees and wooded areas so it's very peaceful to be there. I took walks every day around the entire place and enjoyed every minute of it.

The resort lobby is somewhat small and can be a pain for check-in if there are a lot of people there. It's not a place you can just hang out but you'd probably rather be at the incredible pool outside, listening to the waterfall.

This resort offers a lot of activities including a miniature golf course, basketball court, indoor and outdoor pool, fitness center, foosball, games, and other cool amenities. They do have an onsite bar and cafe but unfortunately it was closed due to Covid challenges.

Finally with the exception of one person, all of the staff members were SUPER caring and friendly. The security officer Chuck, a fellow Army Veteran, was awesome and Amal the housekeeper who cleaned the fitness center was delightful.

The Room: 9.5/10

Since we did have to move three times due to problems, I will base my scores on the final room we stayed in. I don't want the scores to drop due to things beyond things beyond their control.

Kitchen: 10/10

Fantastic in every way. Donetta was giddy because of all the space and appliances at her disposal. We had a full size kitchen with refrigerator, coffee maker, microwave, stove, cooking utensils, and loads of storage space. The hardwood floors were excellent and the overall look was modern and clean.

Living Room: 10/10

So much space and so much outdoor lighting made this our favorite place to hang out. The couch and chairs were very comfortable and the electric fireplace added a nice touch of ambiance. A large balcony with table and chairs allowed us to sit outside to watch the squirrels and the rain. The digital TV was large enough for us older people to see though I don't think we used it much. :)

Dining Room: 10/10

It's not often that we actually get or use a dining room but this was a great addition. Donetta was able to take over with her Scentsy business stuff and we had several dinners at the table. There are plenty of windows for natural light and flowery trees to look at.

Where the magic happens! 😜😂😍

Bedrooms: 10/10

Our master bedroom king sized bed was one of the best I've slept in so far and comfortable. There was tons of space and a large dresser for our clothes and personal decorations. The closet was smaller but we don't need much in this area. Additionally there were more large windows to let in the outdoor lighting and a large TV for watching our shows.

The guest bedroom was smaller and we never used it except for dropping some of our gear in it. Overall it was nice and it also accessed a guest bathroom.

Bathrooms: 10/10

You'd think it's only a bathroom but the large jacuzzi like tub big enough for the both of us ... well that makes it amazing! Plus the dual sink and counter space, along with a full sized washer and dryer got this a perfect score. It was also very clean, modern, and included a walk in shower.

The guest bathroom was smaller but equally nice. We only used this when nature called.

WiFi: 10/10

I don't remember us having any issues with WiFi or internet so we'll just give it a 10. But interestingly we weren't always able to get cell phone service.

Sound and Noise Level: 7/10

The not so silent killer of perfect scores! When there were no neighbors around us, it was like heaven. When people were above us, it was hell. Overall the sound and noise levels were good for this property.

The Price: 10/10

Being Diamond members, we were able to use our points for a mostly free stay. However the current rate is $149 per night for a two bedroom, two bathroom suite - which compared to paying $175 recently for a Quality Inn room that was small and sucked is an absolute steal.

Final Score and Thoughts: 9.4/10

What we've continued to learn in our full-time travels is that people make the difference between a happy experience or a horrible one. This is why we implore hotel guests to use their brains and kindly consider the other guests around them. And it's equally important for hotel staff to do what they can to make things right and plan for the type of guests booking their property.

Aside from the circumstances starting out at Greensprings Vacation Resort, this ended up being one of our best experiences as it relates to hotel crashing. There was a lot that we liked about this property and we'd stay here again.