How We Make Money as Digital Nomads

It's one of the biggest questions asked about living a life from the road. How do we make money while traveling?

How We Make Money as Digital Nomads

Four months ago we finally got the chance to start living out our dream. It's been one hell of an adventure so far and there are no regrets for leaping into the unknown. Every day we're thankful for the opportunity to experience the ride of a lifetime!

While visiting new places is one of the rewards of traveling full-time, some of the best moments are meeting new people from all over the United States.

We've connected with some incredible folks and had great conversations on everything from politics to breweries to hiking. Yet it's always fun when people inquire about our nomadic lifestyle. They want to know if we have an RV, how we don't kill each other, or what's the best stop so far (it's San Diego).

Eventually we'll also get questions about how we pay for all this fun.

My response usually wants to center around us being an erotic dancing couple, but not everyone can appreciate my twisted sense of humor. So we usually let people know we both own online businesses and can work from anywhere with an internet connection. It's not as sexy but still effective.

Today I'd like to dive into more about how we're able to fund this crazy dream of ours.

How we make money while traveling.

I'll be totally transparent so people understand the reality of our situation. Hopefully it will also encourage others to not use money as an excuse for not pursuing their own dreams.

Donetta and I are not independently wealthy and nowhere close to having a retirement.

We sold our house in July 2020 and pocketed a decent amount to put in savings. Our goal is to not touch this money at all and only live off what we earn from our business ventures. With our average monthly expenses totaling about $5,000 USD, we gotta keep hustling and working!

Independent Scentsy Consultants

Most of our recurring income is a result of our direct sales business through Scentsy. Donetta has worked very hard over nine years to build a great business, team and customer base. This year we've seen phenomenal sales and growth!

Initially I was hesitant to be on board with any direct sales pursuit but Scentsy is a solid and reputable company. We've made a good living from it. Plus we've earned all expenses paid trips to Italy, Puerto Rico, Mexico, several Caribbean Islands, and destinations throughout the United States. Direct sales works if you choose the right company and actually work the business.

Our goal in 2021 is to take our Independent Scentsy Consultant business to the next level. We're creating a new brand and website. And we're striving to build a phenomenal team of people who also want to make full-time income. Maybe you can join us.

eCommerce and Online Consulting

I've spend a majority of my life in the creative industry doing projects for brands like HTC, BMW, Nike Golf, Michael Hyatt, Arnold Palmer, and NCAA sports teams. My freelancing work has allowed us to generate an incredible living over the years and I'm thankful for that.

The past ten years I've focused my efforts on helping small businesses become profitable online. It's extremely rewarding showing entrepreneurs how to build a thriving company, particularly in the eCommerce space. With so many retailers going out of business and people shopping online, now is the time for companies to really invest in these efforts!!

If you're considering launching an online business or haven't experienced the growth you hoped for with your current venture, I'd love to get you to the next level. Schedule a consultation today.

Other Business Ventures

It's important to diversify your revenue streams because things can change in an instant. Nowhere is this more apparent than the challenges many have faced during Covid 19.

As serial entrepreneurs we will continue to invest in other businesses, whether it's our own or partnering with others, to ensure we can continue to make money while traveling full-time.

Who knows what other businesses we'll be involved with in 2021 and beyond.

Can you make money while traveling?

Absolutely! There is SO MUCH opportunity to make a living while you travel and a lot of ways achieve it. You don't even have to become an erotic dancer to do it. LOL!

The question I always ask people is what are you good at doing?

Most of us have life experiences that fully equip us to make an income in some capacity, but we often overlook or dismiss it. Whether you're great at sales or teaching or cleaning homes, you can find a way to make money. You don't have to have an office or be locked down to a geographical location. All it takes is some self-reflection, a plan, and commitment.

Even if you can't come up with something on your own, there are flexible jobs you can do.

We've heard about people who do house sitting or who work at campgrounds to make money -- which also provide free places to stay. There are short term jobs like driving buses at National Parks or trimming plants at cannabis grow houses in states where it's legal. If you are willing to explore the possibilities, opportunities will open up.

Of course it would be nice if we all had fat bank accounts and didn't have to work, but that's not always reality. Yet if you have the insane desire to travel like so many people we've talked with, don't let anything stop you from going for it. Life is too short.

Donetta and I will continue to share tips and advice for how to make money while traveling. We're learning new information all the time and there's nothing more exciting to us than seeing you live your dream as well.

We'd also like to give a huge thanks and our deepest gratitude to all our customers and clients who continue to support our business ventures. It's because of you we're able to achieve our dreams.