Living at Lake Texoma. What an Experience!

Lake life is supposed to be awesome, not filled with challenges. But this summer was definitely a test we didn't expect.

Living at Lake Texoma. What an Experience!
Photo by Katie McNabb / Unsplash

It’s been a month now since we parked our fifth wheel RV down at Lake Texoma and started the “lake living” lifestyle. It sure has been an interesting experience to say the least and I thought it would be enlightening to write about this new adventure so far.

A sign saying "Welcome to Hell"

What the hell???

Literally it has been extremely hot. Too hot. Like a feeling we’ve done something very wrong and now have been placed in the fiery furnace of hell for our sins. It’s probably Donetta’s fault since my golden halo still shines bright. I guess we can debate it.

Even though the lake is about six blocks from our place, we’ve only been down to the water a few times. So it’s been an endurance test by riding out the heat wave in the RV, whose windows are now covered in silver panels making us feel like we’re living in some sort of microwave prison. But overall the air conditioning has done a fairly good job of keeping us from frying. Thank you Jesus for saving my bacon!

Is it a plague?

Many of us have read or heard about the plagues of locusts in the Bible, where the lands were consumed by enormous hordes of angry insects. Yet there is no mention of thousands of yellow jackets, mud daubers, and wasps overtaking the land. Well come on down to Lake Texoma and you can enjoy this unpleasant phenomena.

While these creatures serve a greater purpose, they’ve killed the joy of skinny dipping in the inflatable pool during the day. No one wants a nest of hornets on their junk so they’ve become an annoying and unwelcome guest around our home. The good news is I’ve only been stung once … and thankfully it wasn’t on a vital organ.

A horrific looking monster in a box.

Are they creatures of the night?

There’s something wonderful about being mostly alone in the country. Until it gets dark. Because that’s when all those weird and unknown noises are greatly amplified, striking fear and uncertainty into the psyche of your soul.

From a volley of gunshots to Big Foot jumping on top of our trailer, we’ve encountered jarring sounds that have kept us on edge at times. And while my first reaction is ALWAYS to grab the gun and protect us from harm, Donetta is only concerned about being dressed appropriately should our bodies be found in the morning. :D

Seriously, does it get any better???

Well of course it does because lake life isn’t all trials and tribulations. There’s a LOT to love and at times it feels like a slice of heaven on earth. If it wasn’t awesome there’d be plenty of property for sale and no one would be dreaming of living at the lake.

It’s much quieter and peaceful.

Other than the noise of construction right now and the influx of partiers on the weekends, we’ve enjoyed an incredible zen-like feeling here. Listening to the birds and other wildlife instead of screaming people and traffic is absolutely wonderful.

It’s relaxed and less stressful.

Just like island life, people at the lake are generally not in a death march to the weekend. There is no rushing to a job they hate or traffic that makes them want to kill. It’s all very relaxed and the biggest concern is whether or not you can really drink before noon.

It’s fun to be outside and by the water.

I love the motto, when the sun is out my buns are out! The best thing about lake life is playing in the water and watching people have fun. And when you make friends with people who own boats or wave runners, that is a definite plus. LOL

Living at Lake Texoma. What an Experience!

Lake life isn’t perfect but it’s great.

While the internet completely sucks making it hard to work or binge watch Netflix at times, there are benefits too … like driving around the beach on the golf cart instead of working. Sorry, Joe and Maria!

Yet despite some of the nuances we’ve learned to deal with, Donetta and I have enjoyed the lake life and we look forward to more adventures around Texoma when the weather is more bearable.

We found a really sweet RV community we will move the fifth wheel to in September. It includes a cafe, pool, hot tub, community center, workout room, and 5G Wifi. At some point we’ll home base from there when we’re not galavanting around the world. More on that sometime later.

So overall lake living is groovy and fun. We’re making new friends and enjoying plenty of adult beverages to keep us hydrated. OK, it’s mostly me that’s partaking of the drink but at least it’s always five o’clock somewhere.

If you’re ever in the neighborhood let us know. We’d love to hang out. Or we’ll rent you the RV so you can discover the lake life on your own.

Until next time. Cheers!