Living the Dream. It's Time to Travel the World.

For years we believed our dream to travel the world would happen. Now it's time to begin the adventure of a lifetime.

Living the Dream. It's Time to Travel the World.

It's been one week now since we started living the dream and embarked on the freedom lifestyle journey. Our house is sold, the belongings we kept are in storage, and we are now living out of hotels.

It's been quite an experience so far!

What it's like living the dream.

People have asked me how it feels being on the ride of a lifetime. While it's just been ten days since we left the shackles of home ownership and started our new adventure, it has been absolutely AWESOME.

While Donetta and I have lived a freedom lifestyle for decades by running our own businesses and homeschooling our kids, being able to go wherever we want whenever we want is exhilarating.

Every day I wake up with a huge smile and feeling that can't be explained.

The stress of life has been dramatically reduced and I feel like a mountain has been removed from my shoulders -- partly because our financial situation has greatly improved, but also because we've downsized our responsibilities and reduced ownership of stuff. Yet there's also a feeling of extreme joy knowing we'll be able to fulfill so many bucket list items.

Speaking of buckets ...

Living out of buckets and suitcases in a small hotel room constantly surrounded by each other might seem insane. It's certainly not normal, but then I don't think we've ever been normal anyways. LOL!

Right now this downsized lifestyle hasn't been an issue and it makes life simple.

I haven't missed being in a house full of junk we never use or having to clean multiple rooms. Yes, I do make the hotel bed every day and tidy up, because the Drill Sergeant in my head expects it.

Donetta and I also enjoy each others company and we get along most of the time, probably because I'm perfect and always right. Shhhh. Don't tell her I told you that. ; )

Amazingly we just have a relationship and marriage that has always worked for what we want to do. Besides, no one else would put up with us, so it works great.

Traveling is like a box of chocolates.

We don't know what we're going to get, but able to experience different places, people, and cultures is exhilarating.

We've been blessed to spend time in Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, United Kingdom, Caribbean Islands, Mexico and many of our own 50 states. The world is filled with amazing people and experiences. There's just something special about immersing yourself in a new culture and opening your mind to new possibilities.

As we embark on this new journey, our goal is to document as much as possible by video, articles, and photographs. I want to capture the stories of people we meet and bring people together in a new and meaningful way. Hopefully we can spread good vibes into the world because the world needs it now more than ever.

There is no fear about the pandemic or what lies ahead.

Living the dream cannot be shrouded in fear of the unknown. Friends and family have expressed true concern about our health and safety with Covid 19 running rampant.

I don't want to get into what I believe about coronavirus and the various arguments taking place on social media. What I will say is we aren't worried and we refuse to put our lives on hold to stay put in a bubble.

Frankly, I'm more scared of purchasing and pulling a trailer than getting the coronavirus.

Whether you decide to launch a business, become a parent, or travel the world, it's gonna be scary -- but you can't let the fear control you or you'll never experience the rewards.

Life is so very short and the reality is we will all die someday. Why not enjoy every single day and opportunity we have instead? Make each moment count because there is no promise for tomorrow.

The official road trip is coming!

I'll wrap up this post by sharing teasing that we've FINALLY made a decision on where we're heading first. But that's going to require a Lebron James style decision video or post.

Next week we will let you know the details.