Review: Nanopresso Portable Espresso Machine

It's not high tech and the best espresso making option, but if you're living on the road, this is a great option.

Review: Nanopresso Portable Espresso Machine

Hands down the two biggest frivolous traveling expenses I admit to having are beers and espressos. Don't judge me because I love alcohol and caffeine. There are reasons for these addictions after all! :D

While Donetta's thought process is to NOT buy these products and just abstain from some of the simple pleasures of life, I would absolutely and unequivocally disagree. It is for the safety of all humans around me that I must consume these nectars of the gods. 'Nuff said.

But last year we discovered one way to reduce our costs on traveling espressos through purchasing a Nanopresso from Wacaco.

What is the Nanopresso?

This ingenious device is a portable espresso machine that is absolutely fantastic for full-time travelers and digital nomads requiring a solid shot of caffeine. And I'll publicly give my old lady the props for being the smart person for finding it. Yes, brownie points are always needed.

Back to the Nanopresso though ...

This small espresso maker is easy to operate; there's no generator or electrical power required. Simply use your hands, squeeze the pump, get a good forearm workout, and enjoy the fruits of your labor. If you're weak or just too lazy, get your significant other to do the work for you. Just kidding!

The Nanopresso doesn't require much maintenance to clean it or space to store it. It's about 8" tall and 3" round. The cost is $70 USD and you can (and should) purchase the Barista Kit so you can make double espressos. It's worth every penny.

The Nanopresso is a nifty espresso machine for traveling.

What about the actual coffee and finished product?

This portable espresso machine works like a charm. Sure it's not going to produce the same quality or results of an Nespresso type machine and you'll have to pre-heat your water for hot drinks, but it does a damn good job of providing the lift you need. Of course in so many ways, it's all about the actual coffee.

I've tried Black Rifle Coffee AK-47 Espresso Blend, Starbucks Espresso, Dunkin' Midnight, and quite a few local brands as we traveled. The dark coffees work best for taste and energy but Dunkin' Midnight has been my go-to.

Overall I've been very pleased with the Nanopresso and Donetta is happy I've saved some money. I do like to support local coffee shops still, but this is really a great option for people living on the road.