San Diego is My Happy Place

It's hard to find any other place in the United States that has such spectacular ocean views, an incredible vibe, and delicious beer!

San Diego is My Happy Place

Imagine the cool California breeze blowing through your hair while the sunshine warms your skin. The soothing sound of the waves begin to relax the stress of your life. You start feel the positive vibes of energy flowing through your soul. And then it happens ... a large and joyful smile emerges from your face. Life is good.

This is why San Diego is my happy place.

Catching Waves in San Diego

I grew up in Oklahoma where there was no ocean, no surfing, and no groovy vibes. Yet for some reason I've always felt connected to the SoCal lifestyle.

Maybe it's because my obsessive reading of Thrasher magazine, being engrossed in surf punk music, or the fact that I'm just an eclectic and weird dude. It doesn't really matter why. What matters is that San Diego is one of the coolest places I've ever set my crumpled toes on. This city and people have been able to capture my heart and enliven my soul!

Donetta and James at the brewery.

Reasons why San Diego is my happy place.

There are so many reasons why I love being in Southern California despite the politics or other state problems that drive the locals mad. Being an outsider I don't have to deal with the shit Californians do.

The Weather

It's no secret I hate and despise the cold. The average yearly temperatures are 50°F to 77°F, but seems to average out at 67°F for most of the year. Wearing shorts almost every day of my life would be glorious.

The Beaches and Pacific Ocean

Hanging out on the beach and listening to the ocean is an incredible way to relax and relieve stress. San Diego has some of the best beaches in the United States. Spending time watching the beauty of the ocean is rewarding.

The People

Speaking of watching the beauty of the ocean, there are some sexy people enjoying the beaches in SoCal -- including my wife! Good save right? In all seriousness, people just seem to be happier and healthier here.

The Vibe

Life in SoCal feels different than many places I've been. It seems you can be true to self and be who you are without judgment. The atmosphere is inclusive, accepting, fun, engaging, and generally positive. Maybe I'm wrong since I'm not a local, but it seems to be this way.

The Beers

Without a shadow of a doubt, most of my traveling weight was put on in San Diego thanks to the plethora of craft beer breweries available. Spending time at Ballast Point was one of the highlights of my recent trip. There are many cool places to check out so have a healthy budget if you want to try them!

Various photos from around the San Diego area.

Some of our favorite stops in San Diego.

There are PLENTY of amazing and fun places to check out when you hang out in San Diego. We didn't even get to all of the possibilities on our list. We'll share some of our favorites here.

La Jolla Cove

If you want to see breathtaking views, sandstone cliffs, beautiful blue water and a glimpse of sea lions, visit La Jolla Cove. It's an incredible place to spend your day -- especially if snorkeling or swimming in the ocean is something you enjoy.

We've been to La Jolla Cove several times and it never disappoints. Parking and traffic can be tricky so we recommend going between 10 am and 2 pm.


Coronado Central Beach offers a spacious white sand beach and open views. This place is perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and surfing. Plus they have a large and clean public restroom! We saw dolphins playing close to shore and found plenty of sand dollars. And if you're really lucky you'll get to see the Air Force C-5 Galaxy fly low overhead for a hair-raising experience.

I also recommend checking out Coronado Brewery. The Weekend Vibes IPA and Never Better Double IPA were tasty, as were the shrimp tacos. The Burger Lounge also offers delicious, mouth watering grass-fed burgers.

Point Loma

Point Loma offers a variety of AMAZING options to visit! In fact, we might have to write a separate post about this outing.

If you enjoy incredible views of the ocean and watching surfers carve up waves, go to the stunning Sunset Cliffs Natural Park. If you want to see millions of groovy crabs and unique rocks, get to Point Loma Tide Pools at low tide. Want to take a walk to see history, then visit Cabrillo National Monument.

And please do me a favor as a veteran. Be sure to stop at Fort Rosencrans National Cemetery where 112,000 veterans are buried and 23 Medal of Honor recipients are laid to rest. The cost of freedom is never free.

Mission Beach

Mission Beach may not be the most pristine beach, but it's a really fun place to kick back, do some shopping, and watch people from ALL walks of life. And those seagulls are very crafty so don't leave any food out.

We grabbed some fish tacos and beer at the Sandbar Sports Grill and sat on their outside deck. Overall it was good and relaxing.

Seaport Village

This is one of the biggest touristy places of San Diego but don't let that keep you from going! There are so many cool things to do and see along this bayside area.

Of course I HIGHLY recommend visiting the USS Midway and museum due to its history and priceless artifacts. You can get some great food at the Edgewater Grill and then snag some rockin' swag from San Diego Surf Co.

Or you can simply walk up and down the area to watch people, visit historic boats, or do yoga in the park. If you like a variety of restaurants or adult beverages, Seaport Village has it covered.

But wait .. there's more!!

There's a lot more to say about why San Diego is my happy place. We have to tell you about our whale watching excursion and my desire to strip down on Blacks Beach. We have to share specific details about some of these places and how to avoid traffic and parking fiascos.

So stay tuned for individual posts on these adventures as they're sure to be as fun as the SoCal vibe.

Until our next post, grab some waves bro -- even if it's just in your bathtub.