Take a Permanent Workcation

If you aren't able to quit work to travel full-time there is another fantastic option. Take a permanent workcation and hit the open road.

Take a Permanent Workcation

Have you ever wanted to travel full-time but didn't think you could afford it? It can seem like such an impossible dream to pursue without being filthy rich. It's easy to believe the traveling lifestyle is only for "those people" but not for you. But I'm here to tell you it's more possible than you realize with a permanent workation.

When people discover we are digital nomads and living in hotels, it's assumed we're independently wealthy or retired. While I love the idea of those assumptions, the truth is we still have to work in order to live.

Fortunately we have built online businesses that allow us to make a living from anywhere with a WiFi connection (and to let you know...that place is not Sedona). We gotta keep making that money or the dream will come to a grinding halt. It's not always easy working from the road but it is very rewarding.

So when people tell us they long to travel the world but can't because of money or work opportunities, I call bullshit. Certainly there are circumstances where the nomadic lifestyle isn't possible, but more often it's an excuse to avoid living their dreams. This is a tragedy because if you want something bad enough, there is likely a way to make it happen.

Today I want to help you look at the traveling lifestyle from another perspective and encourage you to think outside the box.

What is a workcation?

Over the last decade there's been a growing trend for people to bring their work while on vacation. A workcation allows you to travel to amazing destinations while still making money or staying caught up on work. This flexibility also provides the opportunity to stay longer at the places you love or enjoy.

A permanent workcation just means you never go home. That's what we chose to do! ;)

Normally I'd never suggest people work their job on vacation. With all the mental wellness problems in our country, we must take time off to get away and recharge. Plus we shouldn't give our lives to someone else's company no matter how much money we make. Yet being able to do our work remotely opens the doors for a completely different lifestyle than we ever could imagine.

If the global pandemic has shown us anything, it proved an entire workforce could work from anywhere. Office buildings and long commutes are no longer necessary for most careers or jobs. This is your opportunity!

Remote work or start a business?

The biggest question you'll need to answer is whether doing remote work for another company or starting your own business is the right path for you. There are pros and cons for each.

For example, working for someone else can provide a level of income security, but it can also pay less because of your location. Building your own online company gives you the greatest flexibility and all the profits go to you, but there can also be a higher risk. The best decision really depends on your needs or risk aversion.

If you were to ask my opinion, I will always recommend building your own dream over someone else's.

It's nice to believe we will always have a consistent income stream from our employer, but it's never guaranteed. The economy or business needs can change overnight and your job could be gone in an instant. All that time invested in growing another business could've been spent on growing yours.

Regardless of your decision, it's easier than ever to make money online and do a permanent workcation. And if you run into financial problems along the way, there are many temporary jobs for travelers to make ends meet.

A picture of the open road. Get started today.

Getting started on your journey.

The hardest part of making any dream a reality is just going for it. There comes a point when you just have to put the car in drive and punch the gas!

Reading blogs or books about traveling is good. Listening to the tales of adventures from others is captivating. But nothing will ever take the place of actually doing it yourself.

The best way to learn and experience a workcation, whether it's temporary or permanent, is to GO.

We had no clue how our first year on the road would turn out. There was no map, no contingency plan, and no idea of what was ahead. Yes, there have been bumps and detours along the way, like the insane costs of hotels in the northeast, but we've managed to navigate around them and keep going.

Has it been scary? Not really. Has it been thrilling? Absolutely. Are there any regrets? Not at all.

There's a great chance you will have the adventure of a lifetime and love it. There's also the chance it could be a bad experience and you hate it. Yet you will never know unless you're willing to take the risk and go for it.