Taking a Break in Oklahoma

We recently went back home to spend time with family and friends.

Taking a Break in Oklahoma

Sometimes our travels lead us closer to "home" and the last few weeks have been just that.

One of our amazing cousins from The Netherlands came to Oklahoma to stay with James's sister so she could visit family for awhile this summer. So we wanted to be here for that.

Plus, we've discovered when we're gone for longer periods of time we miss hanging out with our kids so we like to come back to see them regularly. ❤️

All that being said, we've had a great time hanging out with family, visiting our kiddos, going out boating on the lake, cooling off at the "beach" of Lake Texoma, tanning, fishing, and spending time on the patio watching fireworks and sunsets.

One thing I don't enjoy is heat so being in Oklahoma in the middle of the summer is rough. haha! I would much prefer to be cold than hot.

But thankfully the water is close by when we're down at the lake and we have lots of shade on the patio to stay out of the sun when we're not at the water.

We appreciate James's sister, Maria, and her husband Joe, for letting us stay with them for a bit so we could get some good family time in. They invited other family members down for the 4th of July and our kids came down the weekend after and we all had a blast together!

We are thankful for the good times this summer and really glad we got to spend time with Merel.