The Beginning of Life from the Road

The adventure of a lifetime is about to begin as we travel full time.

The Beginning of Life from the Road

Traveling full-time has been a dream of ours for over ten years.

Donetta and I have longed to experience life from the road, hoping to see the world around us in a new and exciting way. We love discovering new cultures and places, as well as meeting incredible people from all over the place.

Why not sell everything we own and travel?

It’s the question we kept asking ourselves as we discussed the idea of selling our home and beginning this new journey.

A life with no regrets.

How many of us have dreamed about doing something we're passionate about one day? You know, when the time is right or we have more money or whatever the excuse is.

If we're being honest, we're all guilty of putting off something very important for that magical moment in time. But what if that time never comes?

Life can be very short and each day moves so quickly.

I never expected my dad to die of a sudden heart attack. I never imagined my mom getting breast cancer. I never thought so many family members and friends would die before I hit age 48. Yet here we are. So many plans changed or lives cut short.

The reality is we never know what each day will hold for us. This is both the beauty and horror of life.

While I can't predict the future anymore than an Oklahoma meteorologist can predict our weather, I do know we will all die some day. This honestly scares me because I love living, but more so because there are things Donetta and I have always wanted to do.

We believe it's better to try and fail than to live with regrets.

I've lived with the burden of regrets (which is another post altogether) and it sucks the very soul from your body. It's more painful than rejection, ridicule or failure.

Our life from the road adventure is about giving the finger to the status quo and doing what we feel is right for us. We cannot imagine getting to the end of our lives and not doing what we talked about for so many years.

We're willing to give up everything so we can experience life.

OK, maybe that sounds a bit dramatic. We're not taking a vow of celibacy …thank God! And we’re not going to live on the streets - hopefully - but we are going to make some crazy decisions so we can travel full-time.

We don't have a plan or all the answers, but we’re gonna go for it despite the risk of leaping into the unknown.

There's no doubt some people will think we're absolutely insane, but we honestly don't care. We're tired of sitting on the sidelines and watching life pass us by. The “American Dream” of owning a home, working the same job towards retirement, and traveling some day is being exchanged for a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Life from The Road is happening right now.

While it will be hard to leave family and friends behind on our new adventure, we know this is the right decision for us. Our priority is our life, our marriage, and our story. We only get one shot on this planet and it's time to make the most of it, while we have time.

This blog will chronicle the journey every step of the way, both good and bad.

It will be real and authentic, with no holds barred. And while we do hope people will virtually "ride along" with us on the adventure, this is one great way for us to look back on our experience.

Let the adventure begin!!!