Things I'm Thankful for During the Pandemic

Even during the most difficult of times, we can find something to be thankful for.

Things I'm Thankful for During the Pandemic

If we're being real right now, things are a little scary out there. Covid-19 has gone crazy around the world and it's a little worrisome to think about. But despite all the bad news and the uncertainty that we are all facing, there are still things I'm thankful for during this pandemic. In no particular order, these are the things I've been thankful for the last few weeks.

Encouraging people and posts

I think a lot of other people are feeling truly thankful for things during this pandemic as well. I've seen so many encouraging posts on Facebook. There are have been tons of feel-good stories shared about people from all around the world that have been so great to see. And it just seems like most people are trying hard to show love and compassion to the people of their community. Those are all things I'm thankful for right now. It just gives you hope to see the good in humanity come out.

Beautiful weather

I'm also thankful for the nice, spring weather we have had here in Oklahoma lately. We've had some cooler days and some rainy days but we've had some absolutely beautiful days that make it so enjoyable to be outside! Being able to have our windows open to feel the fresh air coming in has been so enjoyable. We've also been able to enjoy lots of walks in the park. That's helped us keep from feeling too cooped up in our house.

Working from home

The fact that James and I already worked from home and our lives haven't been too terribly disrupted makes me extremely thankful too. We tend to lean toward being homebodies most of the time so in some ways this hasn't been too different than regular life for us. haha! But I'm so glad we are able to still work for the most part. Now whether or not we continue to have clients/customers need what we offer is another story. Hopefully there will still be plenty who do.


I have an abundance of books at my fingertips. Reading is something I love to do and having the ability to open a book and spend time with so many books is such a blessing. I have some books on my bookshelf that I can enjoy but I can also download a book from the Oklahoma City metropolitan library system - and there are SO many thousands of books to choose from!


I'm at home with my husband and my daughter and I'm very thankful to have this time together. Especially because our daughter has lived overseas for the last 4 years and got back just as everything was starting to shut down. So I'm very thankful to have her back!!


It sounds crazy to be thankful for something like TV but let's be real - if we didn't have fun things to watch to keep our minds occupied, we might go crazy! ha! Different companies have been running different specials and that's been cool to see. We have lots of the streaming apps and we haven't had any trouble finding something to watch when we want to sit down and watch a show or a movie to escape and laugh a little. (I mean...have you SEEN Tiger King?? WOW! lol!!!!)


Yes, you read that right - I'm thankful for memes. lol! Now in all seriousness, the Coronavirus is no laughing matter and something we are taking VERY seriously. In fact the only time we've left our house in weeks, besides picking our daughter up from the airport, was to go to the grocery store or to go for a drive or a walk. BUT, there are some FUNNY memes floating around on social media and they have us cracking up every day! I don't know about you but I need humor to get me through in some situations - and this is one of them.

Healthcare workers

I know so many people who are in health care and I worry about them. I can't even begin to imagine what their lives are like right now. It must be so terrifying for them and so hard on their families. I know many have quarantined themselves away from their families just to protect them. I'm so proud of how our healthcare workers are fighting so hard against this. They are true heroes!

All essential workers/businesses

We all know that as many people as possible have been asked to stay home. That means many people are either working from home or have sadly lost their jobs for now. My kids fall into the latter group sadly. But there are so many businesses that are staying open and employees who are going into work each day so that we can still get the things we need and take care of ourselves. Can you even imagine if everything had to shut down?


Last but definitely not least is friends. I'm so thankful for the friends I have. I'm thankful for all the conversations I've had through messages and through social media. It's been nice to chat about things going on in our lives outside of the pandemic. It gives a little sense of normalcy. ;)

I could go on and on but those are the things that come to mind most. What about you? What things are you thankful for in this pandemic?