Visiting Pinetop, Arizona

Pinetop, Arizona, is a great town up in the mountains in eastern Arizona and it’s just beautiful there!

Visiting Pinetop, Arizona

Earlier this summer we set out on some great adventures across the southwest and up into Utah and Idaho. James wrote about some of it awhile back but I wanted to elaborate a little on some of those stops. For this post we’ll focus on Pinetop. :)

Pinetop, Arizona, is a great town up in the mountains in eastern Arizona and it’s just beautiful there! We stayed there in June 2022 at The Roundhouse Resort in a 1 bedroom unit (using points through our Diamond ownership) and enjoyed all the space we had there. The unit was huge and gave us plenty of space to chill and enjoy our time there.

Photos of the resort we stayed in at Pinetop, AZ.

The amenities were the main charm of this place though. They had the best mini-golf course I’ve ever seen at a resort and we had a blast playing a few games out there. They also have a big recreational building with indoor pool and hot tub - which we didn’t use - and a nice game room. We did enjoy the game room by playing pool and ping pong several times. We got a lot of laughs out of that considering how bad we are at both sometimes. haha!

We played mini-golf and absolutely sucked.

They also had nice picnic areas and seating areas outside - one being a big swing that was fun to sit on. We also had a nice big deck that had a table and chairs and a porch swing. We did enjoy the porch swing but the table and chairs didn’t get used because the pollen was SO bad at the time we were there that it was completely yellow - even after being wiped off!

We didn’t just hang out on the property though. We went out exploring the area and did some hikes and loved the beautiful scenery. Our favorite hike was the Country Club Trail #632 hike and we added the mountain climb as well. The mountain climb definitely made it tougher but it was fun and we enjoyed the views and the exercise.

Funny story though - one that wasn’t so funny at the time - the day before we went on this hike, I slipped in the shower on their VERY slippery tub and didn’t just fall but did an EPIC fall/roll and hurt almost every surface of my body as I went down. I screamed so loud that I scared James to death and he came running and had to help me. We joked later that the neighbors probably thought someone was being murdered in our room.

As a result of the fall, I had bruises all over but I bruised my thigh so bad the whole side of it was purple and scary looking. In fact, as I’m writing this 6 months later, you can still see a faint bruise on that leg that has never completely healed. Needless to say, I was in a bit of pain after that. ;) But, to get back to the original story, we had planned this hike and I wasn’t about to let a little fall stop me so we did 5 miles with me having to be extra careful so I didn’t bump any of my bruises or fall and hurt an area that was already hurting. It was a little scary. haha!!

We also found a walking trail that was super easy and paved around Woodland Lake Park and we loved walking that. One of my favorite things we saw there was several families of geese with little babies. They’re so cute!

Pinetop is definitely a beautiful place to visit and the weather was outstanding. We were there in June and it wasn’t hot at all and was very comfortable for us! If you ever get a chance to visit the area, you should do it! It’s a nice place to visit.