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Visiting Puth, Netherlands.

A Beautiful and Quiet Experience We Didn't Expect!
Visiting Puth, Netherlands.

The village of Puth is a small farming community you might easily pass by when traveling through the Limburg region in the Netherlands, but if you’re looking for a beautiful and quiet countryside experience, you should stop to enjoy it.

My Dutch cousin invited us to stay with them in Puth while “backpacking” around Europe. It was an amazing time and experience.

Puth has a population of approximately 1,900 people. The homes have a diverse range of appearances, including modern to old farmhouse, and the narrow cobblestone streets give it a truly historic vibe and European charm.

There are no hotels here, but there are a few bed and breakfast options available in the area if you want to stay.

For entertainment or eating, there’s not much actually in the town — you’ll have to drive down the street to neighboring villages like Sweikhuizen to enjoy some amazing coffee, pastries, or beer.

We highly recommend visiting Cafe Meels and Brood op de plankboth friendly and inviting local businesses. 💕

If you enjoy walking or hiking, Puth has plenty of options.

There are many walking paths around the town and you can easily get to other villages without having to drive or ride a bike — but be aware of the bikers because the Lance Armstrong types can be aggressive and rude. 😡

Boventse Puth, Sweikhuizen, Schinnen, and Abshoven are a few towns you can easily check out on your walks. Each has something unique to offer.

Overall we felt at home there and many of the people we interacted with were very friendly. We loved the beautiful sunsets and the serenity of country life while still being minutes away from stores and bars.

So if you’re driving through Limburg and want to spend a few hours or a night in a quaint and quiet place, visit Puth and the surrounding area.

We think you’ll like it a lot if you give it a try.