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It occurred to me the other day that I haven’t written any updates or much of anything about travel lately. We missed sharing our three year…
Have you ever thought about what you'd tell your younger self if you could? It is extremely beneficial.
Maybe it's time to ask yourself this hard question so you can discover happiness and fulfillment in life.
Analysis paralysis will kill more dreams and lead to a lifetime of regrets than actually choosing a path and following it.
The labels we try to place on ourselves to define who were are can really suck the life from us.
The advice to follow your passion isn't always lined with profits. Sometimes you gotta choose.
We've been living in a stationary RV for a few months and it's been interesting. We're just not completely sold on it yet.
It’s a loaded question to ask for sure but why not dare to dream and then take some steps to make it happen?
HOLY CRAP! Has it already been two years of Life from the Road?
We can't sit still for long so we're living life from the road again and here's where we've been so far.
I said we'd never do it but somehow we did. What have we learned about the RV experience so far?